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Reginald Carr is still in Kansas on deathrow, yes.

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Q: Is Reginald Carr still on deathrow in Kansas?
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Who won Baker v Carr?

Baker won the case.

Who were the parties in the Baker v Carr case?

Charles W. Baker and other Tennessee voters were the petitioners (like a plaintiff) and Tennessee Secretary of State Joe C. Carr was the nominal respondent (like a defendant) in the case because his office was responsible for conducting elections, not because he or his office had been responsible for creating policy or voting districts. The Tennessee state legislature was being challenged, but Carr was sued ex officio in place of the state (which has sovereign immunity, per law).Case Citation:Baker v. Carr, 369 US 186 (1962)

What did Emily Carr do?

Emily Carr was a writing and an artist, she wrote many books and painting many pictures. She painted in Victoria, and moved to do art colage in San-fran-cisco. This is all corect, I found all the information on the RIGHT internet!!

What are some statements describing Earl Warren's reasoning in the Baker v Carr case?

Baker v. Carr, (1962) was the first of a series of Supreme Court cases of the early 60s that established the federal judiciary's right to determine the constitutionality of legislative districting within a state (the allocation of state and federal representatives to voters).Justice William Brennan was the driving force behind the decision in Baker v. Carr, not Chief Justice Earl Warren.Brennan believed the case rested on the Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause, which allowed the federal courts to hear the case.Case Citation:Baker v. Carr, 369 US 186 (1962)

In his article Nicholas Carr asks us to question whether?

Google is making us less smart (APEX) .

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