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In land area Russia is larger than the United States

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Q: Is Russia the same size of America?
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How big is the North America to South America?

About the same size as Russia. 87,056 miles.

Does Russia and America have the same government?

No. America has a federal presidentialconstitutional republic and Russia has a federal semi-presidential republic.

What is about the same size as China?

three quarters of russia or about the size of the usa

China is the same size as what?

three quarters of Russia or about the size of the usa

Austailian size 10 is what size in America?

same size

What Technology was used in russia?

the same technology that is used in america.

What clothings are in Russia?

Clothing in Russia is the same as clothing in North America and the UK, and many other countries.

What can plutos size be compared with?

Pluto has about the same amount of land as Russia.

What is the same size as Antarctica?

Antarctica is approximately 5.5 million square miles in size. This is similar in size to Brazil or China.

What is same size like Russia?

I'm not sure I fully understand your question but if your talking about what country is the size of Russia none Russia is the biggest country in the world next then comes canada then the u.s if that was not your question I am sorry

What state in America is the same size as Ireland?


How does the land size of Europe differ from the land size of Russia?

Russia has almost twice the land size of Europe.