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yes he is liberal not conservative

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Q: Is Stephen breyer a liberal or conservative?
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What religion is Stephen G Breyer?

Stephen G. Breyer is Jewish.

Is Stephen G Breyer liberal?

Justice Breyer was appointed to the US Supreme Court by Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1994, and consistently votes with the progressive bloc of justices.

Is Stephen Breyer in office today?

Is Stephen Breyer still with the supreme court justice

Who are Stephen Breyer's parents?

Breyer was born to Irving Gerald Breyer and Anne A. Roberts.

What is Stephen G Breyer's political affiliation?

Stephen G. Breyer is affiliated with the Democratic party. Stephen Breyer is an associate justice of the Supreme Court. He has been a justice since 1994.

Who are the justices in the us supreme court?

The current conservative justices, from approximately most conservative to most moderate are: Justice Clarence Thomas Justice Samuel Alito Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. Justice Anthony Kennedy

When was Stephen breyer appointed?


How many democrats are on the United States Supreme Court how many republicans?

Supreme court members are classified not by party (officially they must be politically neutral) but the may be classified by their judicial leanings:John Robert (Conservative)Antonin Scalia (Conservative)Clarence Thomas (Conservative)Samuel Alito (Conservative)Anthony Kennedy (Moderate)Ruth Baden Ginsberg (Liberal)Stephen Breyer (Liberal)Sonia Sotomayor (Liberal)John Stevens (Liberal)

Who was leader of Conservative party after John major?

Benjamin disraeli

How old is Stephen G Breyer?

Stephen Breyer was born August 15, 1938, as of January 1, 2011 he is 73 years old.

What is Justice Stephen Breyers full name?

Stephen Gerald Breyer

Is Stephen Harper in the Liberal political party?

No, Stephen Harper is currently the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. He used to be a part of the Young Liberals in his youth.