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Q: When was Stephen breyer appointed?
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What President appointed Justice Stephen Breyer to the US Supreme Court?

President Bill Clinton nominated Stephen Breyer to replacy Justice Harry Blackmun, who retired in 1994. Justice Breyer was confirmed by a Senate vote of 87-9 on July 29, 1994.

What year did Stephen Breyer die?

Associate Justice Stephen Breyer is still very much alive as of January 21, 2010, and still serving on the US Supreme Court. President Clinton appointed Breyer to the Court in 1994.

What religion is Stephen G Breyer?

Stephen G. Breyer is Jewish.

Is Stephen G Breyer liberal?

Justice Breyer was appointed to the US Supreme Court by Democratic President Bill Clinton in 1994, and consistently votes with the progressive bloc of justices.

Is Stephen Breyer in office today?

Is Stephen Breyer still with the supreme court justice

What is Justice Breyer's part on the US Supreme Court?

Justice Stephen Breyer is currently an Associate Justice on the US Supreme Court. President Bill Clinton appointed Breyer in 1994, to succeed Justice Harry Blackmun, who retired. Breyer is considered one of the progressive members of the Court.

Who are Stephen Breyer's parents?

Breyer was born to Irving Gerald Breyer and Anne A. Roberts.

What is Stephen G Breyer's political affiliation?

Stephen G. Breyer is affiliated with the Democratic party. Stephen Breyer is an associate justice of the Supreme Court. He has been a justice since 1994.

How old is Stephen G Breyer?

Stephen Breyer was born August 15, 1938, as of January 1, 2011 he is 73 years old.

What is Justice Stephen Breyers full name?

Stephen Gerald Breyer

Where does Stephen g breyer live?


How old is Stephen Breyer?

US Supreme Court Associate Justice Stephen Breyer is 79 years old (born August 15, 1938).