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Justice Stephen Breyer is currently an Associate Justice on the US Supreme Court. President Bill Clinton appointed Breyer in 1994, to succeed Justice Harry Blackmun, who retired. Breyer is considered one of the progressive members of the Court.

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Q: What is Justice Breyer's part on the US Supreme Court?
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The supreme court is part of the judicial branch?

Yes, the Supreme Court is part of the Judicial Branch.

What leads the Judicial Branch of the US government?

Only the judges and justices of Article III Courts are part of the Judicial Branch in the United States. These courts are limited to:US District CourtsUS Court of International TradeUS Court of Appeals Circuit CourtsSupreme Court of the United StatesOther judges may be part of the federal judiciary, or federal court system, but are typically part of the Legislative Branch. Examples include US Bankruptcy Courts, US Tax Courts, US Court of Federal Claims, etc.

Is the Attorney General in the US Supreme Court?

No. The U.S. Attorney General is head of the Department of Justice and the top law enforcement officer for the United States, but does not typically argue before the Supreme Court, except under special circumstances. The current Attorney General is Eric Holder. The U.S. Solicitor General (and staff attorneys), who is also a member of the Department of Justice, represents the government before the Supreme Court. The Solicitor General, while not a true member of the Court, is sometimes called "the tenth Justice."

How did Roger B Taney get to be supreme court justice?

Roger B. Taney became the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the early part of the 19th century. He had been President Andrew Jackson's Attorney General and was a Secretary of the Treasury. Critics say that his close friendship with President Jackson was the reason that Taney was nominated to be Chief Justice and this was confirmed by the Senate.

Chief Justice John Marshall declared part of the Judiciary Act unconstitutional. This was the first time the Supreme Court exercised?

In the case of Marbury vs. Madison, this was the first time the U.S. Supreme court declared an act of Congress to be unconstitutional.

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Can a bill be sponsored by a US Supreme Court justice?

No. The US Supreme Court justices are not part of the legislative process.

What is During which part of a Supreme Court justice's career is he or she allowed to retire?


Which part of the government according to the constitution is made up of justice who make sure that laws are followed?

The supreme court

Which court is the highest court in the judicial branch?

The Supreme Court of the United States, as an institution, is the highest part (court) of the Judicial Branch of government. The Chief Justice of the United States (colloquially known as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) leads during his tenure.Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., has presided over the US Supreme Court since 2005.

Who elects the supreme court justices?

The selection of a supreme court justice is a two part system. First the president nominates an individual and then the Senate has a majority vote.

Is the Chief Justice of the United States part of the Legislature?

The Chief Justice is a member of the US Supreme Court, which is part of the Judicial branch of government, not a part of the Legislative branch.

Who is the Commander of the Supreme Court of the judiciary in the US?

No. The US President is also Chief Commander of the Armed Forces (military) and head of the Executive Branch of government; the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (or Chief Justice of the United States) is head of the Court during his (or her) term of office. The President cannot play a direct role in the operation of the Supreme Court under the doctrine of "separation of powers" because the Judicial Branch is an independent part of government.

What groups were William Taft a part of?

Taft was a Republican who held the office of President and Chief Justice in the Supreme Court.

Is there anything like your Supreme Court in Mexico If so who can be part of it and how are they chosen?

Just that: the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (Spanish: Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nacion). It consists of a President of the Supreme Court (Chief Justice) and ten Ministers (Associate Justices) who are confirmed by the Senate from a list proposed by the Mexican President.

What is US Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy's ideology?

He is a conservative Republican but sometimes sides with the more liberal wing of the Supreme Court.

Who delivered the Supreme Court decision?

Cushing and Moore took no part in the consideration or decision of the case. ... The case resulted from a petition to the Supreme Court by William Marbury, who ... the Supreme Court to force the new Secretary of State James Madison to deliver.

Who in the house limit the amount of time to debate a bill?

If the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is part of the majority, he or she gets to write the _______.