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No because it is told by a different person than the book is about. And autobiography is though, because it's a book on a person written by themselves.

6th grade social studies?

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Yes .

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Q: Is a biography a primary source?
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Is a biography a good primary source?

No. An autobiography is a good one but not a biography

Is biography a second source?

Yes, it is a primary source.

Is a biography a primary source or a secondary?

A biography is considered a secondary source because it is a written account of someone's life created by someone else, rather than the person themselves. It is based on a combination of primary sources, such as letters or diary entries, and the biographer's interpretation of those sources.

Is a modern biography of Julius Caesar a primary source?

No this is a secondary source. A primary sourced is something written in documents or by authors of the time of the subject of the study.

Why is a biography not a primary source of information?

This is because the biography was not written during the time period or from someone in that time period. that is what an autobiagraphy is

Is biography primary or secondary sources?

It's a primary source only if the biographer had personal knowledge of the events, etc. in question.

When selecting a primary source it is important to?

determine its authenticity. (study island);) il help you out.

Which of the follwing items is a primary source of information a diary or a history text book or a biography?

A diary is a primary source of information because it is a first-hand account of events and experiences from the perspective of the writer. A history textbook and a biography are considered secondary sources because they interpret and analyze information from primary sources.

Is a autobiography a primary source or secondary source?

If we are using his original words, from documents that he personally wrote, those are primary sources. If we are using other people's interpretations (whether scholars or researchers or historians), those are secondary sources.

How do historians use primary and secondary sources?

A primary source is like a diary of somebody that has experienced something or the person them self (autobiography) A secondary source is when somebody has heard the story and retells it or writes about it. (biography) A primary source is the most reliable because information can be lost or changed by a secondary source so historians favor primary sources.

If a person were presenting a paper on the 2004 presidential election an example of a great primary source would be?

a biography of John Kerry.

Which document is considered a primary source a text book personal diary or biography?

A personal diary is considered a primary source because it provides firsthand accounts of personal experiences and perspectives. Textbooks and biographies are considered secondary sources as they interpret and analyze information from primary sources.