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The authors feelings about events are seen better in an autobiography and it is a primary source so really many things may show up in an autobiography and not in a biography.

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Q: What type of information can you find in autobiography that might not be in a biography?
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Are there any biography books on the late figure skater Jackson Haines?

Unfortunately, there is no biography or autobiography books on the late figure skater Jackson Haines. He was in ballet and then ventured into ice skating and was the one that took the rigid and ungraceful movements into a more smooth and eloquent way of skating. He is only mentioned in books regarding the history of figure skating. You might also speak with the librarian at your library and they may have more information on him.He did not write an autobiography but I did find links to a couple of biographies about him. Just type the words "Jackson Haines biography" into your browser (I used Norton and Google) and you will find a couple of links and books about him.

What kind of genre is monster the autobiography of an la gang member?

It would be in the 'Autobiography' genre, or 'Biography'. Since it was written by the LA gang member, it would be in the 'Autobiography' section. You will most probably find that section in the Non- Fiction category. If not, there will be a single 'Biographies and Autobiography' section.

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Modern biography is a non-fiction genre that focuses on documenting the life of a particular individual. It typically includes details about the person's personal experiences, achievements, and challenges. Modern biographies often strive to provide a well-rounded and accurate portrayal of the subject's life.

Where can you find biography of Barack Obama?

There are many places to find a biography of the president, including books that were written about him (some more accurate than others), and his own autobiography, "Dreams from my Father." But the president's official biography is found on the White House website. I enclose a link.

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I didn't really find an AUTObiography of Michael Jordan.. but i found this (Short Biography of Michael Jordan) : Click on the "Short Biography of Michael Jordan" link below to read it.

Is there an autobiography or biography of mirelle mathieu written in English?

As of now, there is no widely recognized autobiography or biography of Mireille Mathieu written in English. However, there are biographies available in French, her native language. You may be able to find some articles or interviews in English that provide insight into her life and career.

Where can you find the autobiography of John Lee Love?

you can find the autobiography on or you can find the autobiography on or

How can you find more information about Dietrich Bonhoeffer?

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What type of information can be found in someone biography?

in a biography you can find information like where they came from and where they lived, when they where born and when they died (if they died) if they had children, a husband, or a wife..ect..