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a place or source that one may find historical information or artifacts.

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Q: What is an historical source?
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How could you tell if the a Historical source is tainted with bias of a specitic agenda?

How could you tell if the a Historical source is tainted with bias of a specitic agenda?

What is historical sources?

A historical source can be anything. A letter, diary, painting, newspaper, anything.

Why bias a problem in a historical source?


As one form of historical source primary documents are based on?

Primary source documents are documents that are created during the historical period and are written about the historical period. They are often based on observation.

Is a second hand source reliable?

Historians will examine a second hand source of a historical event. If the second hand source matches up to other sources of information, then each source in a certain manner adds to the credibility of the historical event.

Jefferson's Declaration of Independence is a secondary source.?

No, it's a primary source historical document.

What are the main historical source of the democratic tradition?


The historical method uses what six things?

Isolate the problemCollect source materials, including primary and secondary sourcesEvaluate source materialFormulate hypothesesReport and interpret findings

Which source would you consult for a first and personal view of a historical events?

You would consult a primary source for a first and personal view of an historical event. Primary sources are original materials.

Where is the source button on study island?

cultural and historical text

What is the primary historical source?

A source directly from an event. An autobiography, Photograph, interview YOU did, are all primary sources.

What is a document that was produced during the same time period as the historical event?

secondary source