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i think they are a primary source....

yes it is a primary source

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Q: Something written or created by a person who witnessed a historical event?
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What is something written or created by a person who witnessed a historical event?

a primary source

Are primary sources always correct?

Primary sources are usually accurate considering they were written by someone at who witnessed a historical event personally, however some may be inaccurate due to human error.

What sentences is written in the active voice accidents are witnessed every day or few people think seriously of doing something about accidents?

Few people think ...

As one form of historical source primary documents are based on?

Primary source documents are documents that are created during the historical period and are written about the historical period. They are often based on observation.

What does historical context means?

pertaining statement

What is the best stragtey for reading something written s long time ago?

Read about the historical context in which the book takes place .

What is the difference between comprehension and composition?

Composition is to create something by your own while comprehension is about to understand something created by anyone else .🙂🙂

Does a written personal loan contract need to be witnessed or notarized?

While a personal loan contract may not need to be witnessed or notarized, it is best to have it witnessed and notarized especially if it is for a lot of money. A signed sales receipt will stand up in a court of law.

What has the author Jean Brown Mitchell written?

Jean Brown Mitchell has written: 'Historical geography' -- subject(s): Historical geography, Geography, Historical

What has the author Charles A Will written?

Charles A. Will has written: 'Historical Album Of Oregon, A (Historical Albums)' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Gazetteers, History 'Historical Album /Oregon' 'Historical Album/Alabama'

What has the author Peter Perry written?

Peter. Perry has written: 'Historical geography' -- subject(s): Historical geography

What is a secondary source is?

A secondary source is one that pulls from primary sources. Primary sources are direct reporting or accounts of historical events from those who witnessed them, and secondary sources analyze and summarize those.