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No, but they are required to conduct themselves in a manner that does not bring discredit to the military. When dealing with government officials and employees, they should use Sir, the individuals may very well outrank them. The use of Sir is easy and there are few that would find it objectionable.

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Q: Is a military service member required to call a civilian Sir?
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What presidents had the highest military rank?

Given that the highest rank possible in the US Military is Commander-in-Chief, and that the Commander-in-Chief is the President, they all held the highest rank possible. THE ABOVE answer I found here is incorrect. The Commander-in-Chief position is civilian, not military. The whole point of making the president C-in-C is to have civilian control of the military, unlike in other countries in the 18th century whose military did not answer to the government. The president is not a member of the military. I am told George Washington was the only six star general in history (before being president, of course), but I have not checked.

What is the punishment for a lost military id?

The DOD Member has to fill out a Minor Offense Report with there branch of service PMO. It can also be punishable by a formal counseling, page 11, or by NJP, all or at your Commands judgment .

Should the President return a military salute?

It is appropriate for the President to retun a salute from a service member. However, since he makes the rules, it is his choice. Since the Commander in Chief is the highest ranking person, he does not initiate a salute. However, some presidents have initiated a salute to those who have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

The president of the united states and what cabinet member has authority to approve military assistance for domestic operations?

Secretary of defense

What was george washington's most important role during the american revolution?

One of Washington's most important contributions as commander-in-chief was to establish the precedent that civilian-elected officials, rather than military officers, possessed ultimate authority over the military. Throughout the war, he deferred to the authority of Congress and state officials, and he relinquished his considerable military power once the fighting was over. His greatest contribution was his beong the president, and turning down the offer to be "King" of America that was offered by many of the high officials. he was the one of a kind president

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If you are active duty military for 6 consecutive years are you considered a federal civilian employee?

No, you are considered an active duty service member.

Is a CDL requied to drive a military vehicle hauling corrosive materials?

If you are a military service member in the course of their duties, no, but you must have gone through hazmat handler certification. A civilian contractor or DOD civilian would need a CDL and hazmat endorsement.

What does civilian means?

A person who is not a member of the military or the police force.

Why are U.S. military service members charged under the UCMJ and not state laws?

A few of the answers are that a service member is "owned" by the military, another reason is that all state laws vary from state to state so it would be difficult to maintain military decorum, there are many things that are specific for service members to abide by that are not outlined in civilian law.

What documentation must a uniformed service member show to fly space required?

Military IDand travel orders or a letter from the unit commander

How do you get a mil email address?

You have to be a military member or be a civilian civil servant, contractor or DoD employee.

What is a military enlistee?

A service member who has joined a particular pranch of military service but who has not yet completed Basic Training.

Which profession is the most dangerous?

military service member

Any conduct where one military member regardless of service or rank causes another military member regardless of service or rank to suffer or be exposed to an activity which is cruel abusive?


Can a civilian get a Omni military loan?

If you are a dependent of an active duty military member (like their wife or children), then yes you can get an Omni military loan. Otherwise it's typically not available for civilians.

Is the president subject to military code of justice?

The president is not a member of the military. It might seem strange to hear that since he is Commander In Chief. This is a very important point. The US military is ultimately under civilian control. Think about how important that is. What could happen if military authority in the US were independent of civilian authority.

Can ex reserves join usaa?

USAA, the bank and insurance company? Yes - you don't have to be a service member to be a USAA member. As a civilian, you won't be eligible for the incentives they offer to service members, however.