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It is appropriate for the President to retun a salute from a service member. However, since he makes the rules, it is his choice.

Since the Commander in Chief is the highest ranking person, he does not initiate a salute. However, some presidents have initiated a salute to those who have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

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Yes. The president is the Commander in Chief of all military personnel, and as such should return a military salute just as all other officers should.

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Q: Should the President return a military salute?
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Can Obama return a salute if he did not serve in the military?

Of course. The salute is a ritual that is meant to show respect. For example, when a president exits Air Force One, the military guard at the foot of the plane's stairs salutes the president (whether that president served in the military or not); the president then returns the salute.

Should a president salute a marine if the president has not served in the military?

In the US, the President is defined as a member of the military; specifically, the highest possible rank. Saluting is expected.

Should you render a salute when hearing the National Anthem of the US?

The only people who should salute the flag are those in the military who are wearing a uniform. Civilians do NOT salute.

Does the Vice President Salute?

As Commander in Chief of the military, the President returns salutes of Unit Commanders when bearing the flag or otherwise and honors the flag with a hand over heart when it is passing via a group outside the military. The Vice President on the other hand has NO role in the US Military and as such would not ever salute the flag or a military unit until such time that the VP was serving as the President. That is all in theory, in practice the reality is different. I have seen two videos on youtube where VP Joe Biden returns a salute. In fact in the second video it appears that the officer saluting is expecting him to return the salute because he holds his salute for a long time until it's returned.

What does the 3 shots at a military funeral mean?

3-volley salute is what it's call symbolic for a return to battle. Look up 3 volley salute

Should the first lady salute the flag?

Only military and law enforcement personnel, in uniform, are required to salute.

Do you salute the president?

Yes you do. In the US Military, personal salute Comissoned Warrant officers, and Comissed officers, Foreign friendly Military members, The President, and medal of honor recipients. Like if you earned the Medal of Honor and you were a corporal or private, everybody would have to salute you, even generals. if you are enlistedmen or a non-commisioned officer (NCO) you do not salute eachother, so a E-man (enlisted) would not salute a NCO. Also if you are the lower rank, you have to salute the higher rank first and then the higher rank salutes you bak. But yes if you have to salute the President and you have to call him either "Sir", or "Mr. President". and nothing else except thos two names

Must military personnel salute the president?

No; that would be an awful lot of saluting and would cause a lot of confused civilians if you saluted everyone when walking down the street. But, at least in the Navy, the standard was to smile and return the salute if a civilian salutes you (as kids often do).

Why did the Nazi have a salute?

Its just military practice. Most if not all military have a salute.

Have military personnel neglected to salute President Obama?

No, there is no credible evidence of this. And if a member of the military ever refused to salute the commander in chief, that person would be in serious trouble. Most surveys show that President Obama is quite popular with most of the troops, but certainly, there are some who didn't vote for him. However, partisanship does not matter-- discipline does. In the military, you are saluting because it's required that the president (whoever he may be) is given respect. Some partisan websites have suggested that the troops won't salute President Obama, but this is false: as many photo and videos show, the troops do in fact salute him, since he is their commander in chief.

Where did the modern Western military salute come from?

The modern western military salute evolved from the practice of raising ones hat. The salute is used as a symbolic gesture.

What salute is considered the highest honor at a military funeral?

21 gun salute................