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The President may (at his discretion) salute anyone he likes, although this is normally reserved for recipients of the Medal of Honor.

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He does not always have to salute as he is top dog

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Q: Who does the president salute first?
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When is the president required to salute?

He isn't required to salute anyone. He is a civilian.

Do you salute the president?

Yes you do. In the US Military, personal salute Comissoned Warrant officers, and Comissed officers, Foreign friendly Military members, The President, and medal of honor recipients. Like if you earned the Medal of Honor and you were a corporal or private, everybody would have to salute you, even generals. if you are enlistedmen or a non-commisioned officer (NCO) you do not salute eachother, so a E-man (enlisted) would not salute a NCO. Also if you are the lower rank, you have to salute the higher rank first and then the higher rank salutes you bak. But yes if you have to salute the President and you have to call him either "Sir", or "Mr. President". and nothing else except thos two names

Can Obama return a salute if he did not serve in the military?

Of course. The salute is a ritual that is meant to show respect. For example, when a president exits Air Force One, the military guard at the foot of the plane's stairs salutes the president (whether that president served in the military or not); the president then returns the salute.

How many types of salute?

Well of course different countries' salutes vary. But as for the US there is the hand salute and gun salute. Gun Salutes are rendered as an honor for example, the arrival and departure of a President or the death of a President.

Should the President return a military salute?

It is appropriate for the President to retun a salute from a service member. However, since he makes the rules, it is his choice. Since the Commander in Chief is the highest ranking person, he does not initiate a salute. However, some presidents have initiated a salute to those who have been awarded the Medal of Honor.

Who is eligible for a 21 gun salute?

According to protocol, a 21 gun salute is rendered to a serving President of the USA, a former President of the USA, and a President-Elect of the USA. It is also rendered to a foreign head of state, or a member of a reigning royal family.

What US President did not want to be president?

This was probably Richard Nixon, as he was the only president to resign from the office, and he is famous for his two finger goodbye-salute.

How do you write a sentence with the word salute in it?

On the very first day of training, all the men were taught to salute.

Should the first lady salute the flag?

Only military and law enforcement personnel, in uniform, are required to salute.

Should a president salute a marine if the president has not served in the military?

In the US, the President is defined as a member of the military; specifically, the highest possible rank. Saluting is expected.

Is it right to salute the first lady?

No! She is not the elected official

Have military personnel neglected to salute President Obama?

No, there is no credible evidence of this. And if a member of the military ever refused to salute the commander in chief, that person would be in serious trouble. Most surveys show that President Obama is quite popular with most of the troops, but certainly, there are some who didn't vote for him. However, partisanship does not matter-- discipline does. In the military, you are saluting because it's required that the president (whoever he may be) is given respect. Some partisan websites have suggested that the troops won't salute President Obama, but this is false: as many photo and videos show, the troops do in fact salute him, since he is their commander in chief.