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neither, sorry but the house meets in a chamber but i dont know the name of that chamber.

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Q: Is chamber another name for the house or senate?
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What is the name given to the senate and house of representatives?

It is the Congress. The congress is divided into two sections, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

What is the Name of the official record kept by the house and the senate?

journal of each body

Name the current senate majority leader and the current Speaker of the House?

john boehner

Which sentence would Senate be capitalized Ancient Romans called their lawmaking assembly a Senate or The upper house of the US Congress is the Senate?

The second one because its talking about the presidential type senate and the first is talking about what the name of a lawmaking assembly.

What are all the three reasons that the senate is called the upper house?

The Senate was formed to represent the states of the Union, a much smaller and more-deliberative body, with longer terms (6 years). Prior to the Constitution, the Congress consisted of only one legislative body. While the name is reminiscent of the Roman Senate, the land-based political structure is more similar to that of the House of Lords in the British Parliament. Certain powers are exercised only by the Senate (such as confirming judges, ambassadors, and executive appointees, or removing impeached Presidents from office), but revenue bills may start only in the lower chamber. The House was intended to be more representative of the people, with shorter (2-year) terms and much smaller districts. In fact, the first article of the original Bill of rights was intended to keep Congressional Districts very small, so as to keep the "lower house" closer to the people and more democratic. (This article has still not been ratified, and many districts have larger populations than the smallest states.)

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What is another name for a senate?

Another name for a senate is an upper house or a chamber of parliament.

What is the name of the place the senate meets?

Senate Chamber The Senate Chamber

What other name is the House of Representatives called?

Another name for the House of Representatives is the lower house. Another name for the Senate is the upper house.

What is another name for the senate and house of represenitives?

house is the general assembly

What is the name of the room where senators debate?

The room where senators debate is called the Senate chamber.

What is the other name for the Senate?

Upper Chamber.

Is house of Senate proper term for the Senate?

No, the proper term for the Senate is simply "Senate." It is not commonly referred to as the "House of Senate." In the United States, the legislative branch consists of two separate chambers: the House of Representatives and the Senate. Each chamber has its own specific name.

Is congress another name for house of representatives?

no. congress is a name for both of the houses. senate and the house of Representatives are both called congress. :)

What is another name for the legislative branch in Illinois?

The Illinois General Assembly is comprised of the Illinois House of Representatives and the Illinois Senate. The State Senate has 59 members and the House has 118 members.

What is the name of the opposition party in canada?

In the House of Commons (the elected chamber of the Canadian Parliament), the New Democratic Party of Canadacurrently forms Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. In the Senate (the appointed Upper House), the Liberal Party of Canada forms Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition in the Senate.

What is the name of the house for the senate and house?

It is the Congress. The congress is divided into two sections, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

What other name exist for the house of representatives?

The only other name for the House of Representatives is the "Lower House" of Parliament.