Is farming a service

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no,it's a business

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Q: Is farming a service
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What accounts for most jobs in the UK?

service industry

How Idaho makes money?

by service and farming : potatoes, wheat, beats etc.

How does Idaho make money?

by service and farming : potatoes, wheat, beats etc.

What are the top three goods and services in Hawaii?

one of the goods are pineapples,the service is farming

What is the economic activity in Quebec?

fishing, manufacturing, finance, shipping, service industries, and farming

The measures restricting former slaves to working in farming and domestic service were the?

The Black Codes

Is rs gold sell safe?

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What major factor caused people to move from farming to industry and from industry to the service sector?

for money simply :P

What is Canada the leading producer of?

fertile farmland, rich natural resources, and skilled workers and/ or manufacuring, farming, and service industries.

What are some industries in the Midwest?

farming, fishing, zebra mussels, agriculture are some industries

How to start a Business plan for pig Farming?

In the U S, a good place to start is with your state extension service. refer to links

What is the economic activities of Indonesia?

The service sector (like tourism) is the major source. However agriculture employs the most people.