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Q: Is heavy metal used in paints batteries and radiation shields?
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Heavy metals used in paints batteries and radiaion shields.?


What element is used in heavy metal used paints and radiation shields?


Heavy metal used in paints batteries and radiation sheilds?


What are heavy metal used in paint batteries and radiation shields?

Heavy metals as lead retain nuclear radiations.

What Heavy metal in paint and radiation shields?

It is Lead, Pb plumbus.

How heavy were knight's shields?

10 pounds

What is a heavy metal in paints and batteries?

i think it is i don't know that's why i came to you and you don't even know you don't need to be answers .com i will talk to my attorney and i will have you shut down and ChaCha.comdoes a better job than answers .com you suck bye

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What is inside of expensive batteries last longer than cheaper batteries?

the most common non rechargeable battery is alkaline batteries. the more expensive batteries contain more lithium. the lithium batteries last a lot longer. you can also buy heavy duty batteries. although it sounds like they should last longer..they don't. heavy duty batteries are actually a step down from alkaline.

Do name brand batteries last longer than off brand batteries?

Brand names do not perform any better than cheaper brands. The only important factor in selecting batteries is that they are labeled as alkaline batteries and are not heavy duty. Heavy duty batteries are made poorly and don't last very long.

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He paints is a realistic style and is heavy into landscapes.

What heavy metal is used to make paint and batteries?