Is KISS a goth band

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they're more hard rock/heavy metal

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Q: Is KISS a goth band
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Is Flyleaf a goth band?

No, Flyleaf is not a goth band.

Is Bauhaus a popular goth band?

Yes they are.

Is Marilyn Manson actually goth?

Yes, the band and Brian Warner himself are all goth.

Is the lead singer of evenecence goth?

Sure, evanescence is a very goth band so I guess the band members would be considered gothic too.

Is KISS the band real?

Yes, KISS is a real band.

Is Three Days Grace a Gothic band?

No, Three Days Grace is not a goth band. They are a hard-rock band.

What is the gener of him band?

Goth metal with some punk influences.

Does alona and will kiss in the book the ghost and the goth?

yes,she does. two timess in fact!

Is the band kiss broken up yet?

No, Kiss band is still together

Is the band kiss a girl band?


Are the Kiss band British?

No, the band, Kiss, are not British. The members are an all American rock band. The group formed in 1973.

Are they making a Wii kiss rock band?

if you mean are they making mii's kiss in rock band. no