Is Avril livinge goth

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is Avril livinge goth
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Is Avril Lavigne Goth?

She is not goth, she just has her own style. The way she dresses is not goth.

Is Avril laving Goth?

no way is she a goth, shes just a wannabe. shes about as much of a goth as tinky-winky!

Is Avril lavighine goth?


What is Avril Lavignes appearance?

* baisically a cool goth - a cloth

What kind of clothing does Avril lavigne wear?


Is Avril lavinge emo or goth?

She's pop. Listen to her music. She's not emo or goth... she just follows whatever "style" is in.

Is Avril a goth?

no Avril is not a goth but merly a girlie punk who likes black as most girls do nowadays but enjoys doing girlie things Unlike what the first person said Avril is a punk who likes BLACK and PINK you can like both and be a punk.Also most girls do not like black like my friend she hates goth and emo and people who like the color black.

Is Avril mean?

Hello, I'm not mean I just look it sometimes as I was a tomboy then a punk then a goth but now still abit goth but mostly girly! I'm actually really nice to people, I only swear to the paparazzi and so would you if everywhere you went your picture got took! Love Avril xoxo

Is Avril lavinge Catholic?

I'm pretty sure she is but i don't know yet although my brother told me she was goth but I'll check .

Is Avril lavigne really dead?

No she is not. People just think that because she's pretty much goth and has those fake fangs.

Is miley goth?

No. She is not Goth.

What is goth in French?

It is actually the same in English as it is in French. Goth in French is Goth.