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The president of baloch nation is zahid bikkak from khamoosh colluny haji mureed goth karachi

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Q: Who is the first president of baloch nation?
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Who was first president of baloch nation?

zahid bikkak from khamoosh colluny haji mureed goth karachi.

Who was the first nation's president?

George Washington was the nation's first president

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The first golfing president was William Howard Taft.

Baloch Students Organization name of all chairman?

Baloch Student organization was formed from Warna wanenda gall, which was founded by Siddik Azad and he was the founding president of it in the government college Quetta Balochistan.

Who is the current richest man in balochistan?

brahim baloch , dostain baloch & shoaib baloch

Which is the first drama of Pakistani actress sanam baloch?


Who is bashir zaib baloch?

Bashir Ziab Baloch is the Chairman of baloch students organization Azad which is the follower of Baloch liberation Army's ideology.

What country had the first president ever?

George Washington was the first in the U.S.

When did Hameed Baloch die?

Hameed Baloch died in 1981.

When was Hameed Baloch born?

Hameed Baloch was born in 1958.

When was Aftab Baloch born?

Aftab Baloch was born in 1953.

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Mahnoor Baloch is 5' 6".