Are you goth

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I, personally, am.

I have a great understanding of the Gothic subculture and a deep interest in the music, literature and fashion along with the darker side of life.

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Q: Are you goth
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Is Avril livinge goth?


Is KISS a goth band?

they're more hard rock/heavy metal

Why was the term Gothic once considered to be an insult?

becaus goth or gothic means devil worshiper

Who is the first president of baloch nation?

The president of baloch nation is zahid bikkak from khamoosh colluny haji mureed goth karachi

Why do parents hate goth?

'Why do parents hate goth?' can be a tricky question to answer. An obvious one is because goth is different, goth represents rebellion, some parents assume that Goths are goths because they want to give the world the finger, to show that they are different - that they refuse to be like everyone else. Not only that, some goths as you may know look scary: they have dyed hair, facial piercings, wear big doc martins or large boots, PVC miniskirts or ripped trousers with safety pins, stripey socks and generally look aggressive. Or they may look simply odd, wearing Victorian dress, medieval gowns, or gothic lolita clothing. Parents feel threatened because they look different. And because they look 'dangerous' it backs up the bigoted ideas spread by newspapers such as the Daily Mail that teenagers are the bane of the earth who go around smashing up shops, graffitiing on walls, and attacking old ladies, and now I hate to discriminate because chavs are also a subculture that are discriminated against very unfairly- however this what they are traditionally known to do, whilst Goths are normally shy, quiet people another steryeotype but often a true one - something that parents overlook. The bare facts are that some teenagers are dangerous, others are not, to parents Goths look dangerous, like they want a fight. Parents may also be afraid that if their sweet, pink-cheeked little Melissa who is being sheilded from all the evils of the world like Simpsons episodes and the word 'gay' may become just like these strangely clad hooligans having seen them in the streets. - Many people bleieve that goths are self-harmers, generally depressed, are in santatist cults and sacrifice animals and sometimes people, - these are all lies spread by the daily mail and other right-wing, bigoted newspapers, - it is still understandable that they do not want their daughter to become involved in a life-style that would lead to self-harming. Another important reason is their political beliefs, linking back to what I have said earlier, if they are daily mail readers, and right-wing - so possibly bigoted they will hate goths, however if they are left-wing and scorn the daily mail they will probably be more open-minded and not hate goths. I know this from personal experience, my liberal parents are happy that I am an alternative because it means I can express myself.

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Is miley goth?

No. She is not Goth.

What is goth in French?

It is actually the same in English as it is in French. Goth in French is Goth.

Was the fashion Goth inspired by the Goth tribe?

No it was not. The name goth is just a coincidence.

Is Flyleaf a goth band?

No, Flyleaf is not a goth band.

Word for goth in English?


Is goth a gang?

No goth is a subculture.

Is a vampire emo or goth?


Is Madonna goth or not?

No, she is so not goth.

Is Avril Lavigne Goth?

She is not goth, she just has her own style. The way she dresses is not goth.

What has the author Andres Goth written?

Andres Goth has written: 'Goth's Medical pharmacology'

What would you say if a smart person likes a goth person when they aren't goth themselves?

The key is to change into a goth yourself. Tell the goth person you like that you want to become a goth to be with him. At this point, the goth must bite you in order for you to change into a goth. This is relatively painless and will make sure the two of you live forever together, as immortal goth lords.

What is a girl goth called?

A Goth girl.