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it is bad because in this so many dirty tricks are used to win the vote. even the good leaders are never come to this competition.

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Q: Is it bad to have political competition?
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Why competition is bad?

Competition is bad because it lowers your self esteem. without competition there are no losers and no winners but with competition there are winners but there are also losers.

Why is it not good to have political competition?

Political competition is generally beneficial as it fosters accountability, encourages diversity of ideas, and provides voters with choice. However, excessive competition can lead to polarization, gridlock, and a focus on short-term goals rather than long-term solutions. Striking a balance between healthy competition and collaboration is important for effective governance.

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Is Competition bad in your society?

Competition is normally welcome in tons of American societys and im sure all over the world. Not only is competition fun but its a way for striving players that want to make it to the big time to get better. There are always going to be people who have bad tempers when they face competition but usually competition is a good thing.

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What are external forces in an organization?

legal political economic social technological competition

Definition of Competition State Anxiety?

The promotion of economic competitiveness and competition as a political priority in response to globalization's lowering of economic borders between countries.

Is the EU good or bad for the US?

All competition is good.

Is it good to have political competition. Give reason?

yes, it is good to have political competitions because if their will be no political competitions then the elected members will not full fill there promises and work according to there needs

What caused prejudice against immigrants?

Prejudice against immigrants can be caused by fear of the unknown, competition for jobs or resources, cultural differences, and misinformation or stereotypes perpetuated by the media or political leaders. Additionally, economic downturns or political rhetoric can also fuel prejudice against immigrants.

What stimulated us imperialism?

A need for cheap labor, Economic competition w/ nations & political/military competition with other nations spurred US imperialism

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