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As per request

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Q: Is it correct to say 'amended as per the request 'or 'amended as per request'?
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Which is correct- We request you for your kind presence at the contest OR We request your kind presence at?

The correct way to word an invitation is to say, "We request your kind presence at." The invitation does not need to say kind presence to be correct.

Is it correct grammar in future form when we say you are request to submit the programme?

is it correct in future form when we say " you are requested to submit the programme" or "you are request to submit the programme"

Is Comply with your request correct?

You can say: I comply with your request ( I am obedient to your request or order whatever). In other words, I do exactly whatever you want me to do.

How do you write a formal letter of request?

You do not joke around, use correct grammar and correct words, say Sincerely, ----- Send!

Is it correct to say may I request for your passport please?

No. "May I see your passport, please?" is probably the best way to say it. "For" is not used with "request": you can request someone's passport, or you can request that someone show you his passport. And since requesting is already asking for something, it is redundant to use both "may I" and "request".

Is it correct to say as per attachment?

Yes. Ex. The details are clearly outlined, as per the attachment."

Is it proper english to say requests?

Requests is an English word (plural of request), however we can not say if your use of the word is correct English because you have failed to say in your question how you were trying to use it.

Do we say Can you please take a look at the attached request or Could you please take a look?

The correct sentence is can you please take a look at the attached request. Although if you used could, most would find it acceptable too.

Why you can not say no to the request?

We need to know what the request was for. Thank you

How do you say no to a request?

Just say no!

How do you say no to a marriage request?

Just say no!

What is the correct spelling temperature or temperature?

The correct spelling is temperature. If you slow down as you say the word, you will remember that it has "per" in it. tem-per-a-ture or temp-er-a-ture Or remember the word temperature has the word temper in it.