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It is not. It is more important to say what you mean. When you become overly concerned about possibly giving offense you lose the ability to communicate clearly. "I'd rather be right than politically correct."

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Q: Why is it important to use politically correct terms?
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What is the politically correct name for Spanish people?

The politically correct term for Spanish people is "Spanish." It is important to use the appropriate term that people use to identify themselves.

What is a Christian considered who is not a member of a Catholic Church?

In the past they would have been called heretics. Today we use more politically correct terms such as Protestant or Orthodox.

Is Indian Summer a politically correct term?

Depends on the person hearing the term. Most Native Americans have become used to the use of these terms and it does not offend them, as a general statement.

Do you use miss or ms?

If you are not sure, Ms. is the Politically Correct term at the moment.

Is disabled the same as handicapped?

The short answer: yes. Some may argue they are not the same, or are at least not "politically correct", that one should use "differently-abled" or other terms that no one can keep up with.

What is the formal name of the loony bin?

To be politically correct, use the term mental institution.

What is politically correct term for bellboy?

Maybe bellhop sounds better since it doesn't use gender?

What is the politically correct term for drug addict?

The politically correct term for drug addict is "person with substance use disorder." This term emphasizes the personhood of the individual while also acknowledging their struggle with addiction.

Is there a nickname for the Japanese flag?

During World War 2 it was often referred to as the 'meatball,' but it would not be politically correct to use the term today.

Is the term 'retarded' still considered politically correct?

No, the term 'retarded' is considered outdated and offensive. It is no longer considered politically correct to use this term when referring to individuals with intellectual disabilities. It is more appropriate to use person-first language, such as "person with an intellectual disability."

What is the politically correct term for midget?

Ideally, person; but if you must refer to someone by using their stature, little people use the term 'little people'.

How naturopathic doctors compliment medical doctors work?

The politically correct answer is that they use different systems or paradigms to help the patient in different ways. The truth is that they are much less qualified (sometimes by mail order diplomas - often by online classes) and dispense largely unproven therapies and generally are in direct competition with physicians - both in terms of finances and in terms of what treatments the people take.