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A. C. Pigou

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Q: Who was the first economist who first proposed that governments use taxes and subsidies to correct for externalities?
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Who was the economist that proposed deficit spending?

John Maynard Keynes.

Which of the following would Alexander Hamilton have proposed?

D) providing government subsidies to manufacturers

Who was the economist who proposed that the least industrialized nations were held back by a culture of poverty?

John Kenneth Galbraith

Which economist proposed that the Least Industrialized Nations were held back from developing a more productive economy by a culture of poverty?

John Kenneth Galbraith

What idea was proposed by 19th-century socialist?

Governments should own the means of production.

What was one action the soviet government proposed?

Like all Governments everywhere, the Soviet Government will have proposed many actions. You need to be more specific as to what action or actions this question is about.

Who is the author of gross domestic product?

The GDP was first proposed by Simon Kuznets a Russian American economist from Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania in a report for the US Congress in 1934

This senator proposed that neither congress nor local governments had the authority to ban slavery from a territory?

John C. Calhoun

Who proposed that the human population increases faster then the food population?

Thomas Robert Malthus, an English economist and demographer, proposed the theory in his essay "An Essay on the Principle of Population" in 1798. He argued that population growth would outpace food production, leading to social and economic issues.

As early as 1863 Lincoln proposed a plan for restoring Southern state governments based on what percent of the voting population of 1860 taking a loyalty oath to the Union?

ten percent

Who believed the governments should be headed by philosopher kings who use logic and wisdom to rule?

Plato was a philosopher who proposed that governments should be led by philosopher kings who possess wisdom and knowledge to make rational decisions for the benefit of society. He believed that this would result in a just and harmonious society.

What did malthus do?

Thomas Malthus was an English economist who proposed the theory that population growth would eventually outstrip the food supply, leading to widespread poverty and suffering. This idea, known as Malthusianism, had a significant impact on the fields of economics, sociology, and environmental studies.