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No. The power to make agreements with foreign powers is reserved for the Federal government.

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No. Chicago is a city in Illinois and Illinois is only one of 50 states. A treaty is between nations not cities or states.

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Q: Is it possible for the city of Chicago to make a treatie with the country of Germany?
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What is treatie?


What is a treatie shopping?

Treaty shopping" generally refers to a situation where a person, who is resident in one country (say the "home" country) and who earns income or capital gains from another country (say the "source" country), is able to benefit from a tax treaty between the source country and yet another country (say the "third" country).

When they dropped the bomb on Hiroshima did Hiroshima have a defense or a base on it or did we violate the treaty that was signed?

The treatie was not in effect at the time of the bombings.

Did they make a peace treatie after the world war 2?

No. The surrender documents ended the war and provided all that was needed for peace agreements.

Who did the Iroqouis confederacy make the two row wampum belt treatie with?

The first European group with whom the treaty was made was with the Dutch colonists. The treaty was also later made with the British, the French, and the Americans.

What is ratifying a treatie?

The term ratifying a treaty refers to the process of each state deciding the fate of the treaty. It has already been signed but each state then gets a chance to say whether they will accept or deny that specific treaty.

Why do you think the constitution states that the president must seek approval from the senate for most political appointment and treatie?

i think that you are clueless and that you need to get a book and read it to find out all these answers! because the internet will not solve all your problems for you . you should know that by now !

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How did the japanese get involved in world war 2?

They had an alliance with Great Britain witch put them in a state of obligation to help GB or any other allied country in a time of war or other need ultimately making them an allied country.). visit this link it will help you alot After signing the "Anglo-Japanese alliance" with Great Britain Japan helped the allied cause by attacking and taking over the German colonial port of Tsingtao in China.

Why does New Zealand have a treaty of waitangi?

After Captain Cooks exploration of New Zealand in the late 18th century, an increasing amount of settlers began to arrive in New Zealand, and by 1839, it was estimated that there was over 2,000 people living there. There was now two groups of people in the land and this presented a problem. The British and the Maori people had two different governments and two completely different ways of life, and with these two groups basically living side-by-side, the clash between these two groups and the lack of knowledge they knew about one another soon erupted into civil and land wars starting all over New Zealand. Something had to be done. In 1833 after a large number of wars the Crown government appointed James Busby as a British governor to control the British trading and find a resolution to the ever-growing conflict between the Settlers and Maori people. In 1835, French people were looking to trade and settle somewhere and began to buy land from the white settlers in New Zealand. As a result the British government signed a Declaration of Independence with some of the British Settlers and 34 Northern Maori chiefs. This confirmed that New Zealand was now an independent country under British rule, and that there was to be no buying of land without the permission of Maori leaders, stating that 'No claim can be made on New Zealand without Maori agreement'. Although the Declaration was now active and James Busby was still present in New Zealand, there still continued to be an increasing amount of fighting, and land was still being sold without Maori consent. Once again, something had to be done, and the British government decided that there needed to be something that could allow a more effective rule in New Zealand. They came up with the idea of a treaty, and in 1840 sent Captain William Hobson there as Lieutenant-Governor to see that the treaty came to pass. His mission was to get hold of the Sovereignty of New Zealand, by way of a treaty with the native Maori Chiefs.The Treaty was needed to stop the fighting and selling off of land without the native peoples(Maori) consent. A treaty was drawn up and translated and after much discussion the Treaty was signed on Feburary 6, 1840 at Waitangi in the Bay of Islands . Then by more chiefs around New Zealand. This is the most famous Treatie made in New Zealand History , and on 6th Feburary every year , there is a celebration and national holiday in Waitangi , and all over New Zealand.

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Benjamin Rudyerd has written: 'Two speeches in Parliament' -- subject(s): Church of England, Politics and government 'Speeches' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Sources 'Memoirs of Sir Benjamin Rudyerd ..' 'Sir Benjamin Rudyerd's speech concerning Bishops, Deans, and chapters, at a Committee of the whole House' 'The speeches of Sir Benjamin Rudyer in the High Court of Parliament' 'Sir Beniamin Ruddierd's speach in behalfe of the cleargy' -- subject(s): Church of England, Clergy, Salaries 'Sir Beniamin Rvdyerds speech concerning bishops, deanes and chapters at a committee of the whole House' -- subject(s): Church of England, Clergy 'Learned speech in Parliament on Wednesday, being the twenty ninth day of December, 1641, concerning the treatie with the Scottish commissioners about the Irish affairs' -- subject(s): History 'Sir Benjamin Rudyerd his speech in the High Covrt of Parliament the 17. of February for a speedy treaty of peace with His Majestie' -- subject(s): Great Britain Civil War, 1642-1649, History, Sources 'Two speeches in the House of Commons' 'A worthy speech spoken in the Honourable House of Commons by Sir Benjamin Rudyard, this presentJuly, 1642' -- subject(s): Early works to 1800, Great Britain Civil War, 1642-1649, History 'The speeches of Sr. Benjamin Rudyer in the High Court of Parliament' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Sources 'A speech delivered in Parliament by Sir Benjamin Rudyard' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Sources