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Yes, the State must obtain permission from congress.

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Q: Is it true that States may enter into agreements or compacts with each other if permission is obtained by congress?
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Did Hamilton believe in regards to the debt the states accumulated from fighting the Revolutionary War?

Since the states were fighting to obtain the independence of a new nation, Hamilton believed it should be the federal government's obligation to assume and pay off all the debts, at face value, the states obtained as a result of the Revolutionary War. Many Southern states had already paid their debts and some of the bonds issued by the Continental Congress and states were considered worthless to many that had lent the Congress and states money. Speculators had been buying up the bonds for pennies on the dollar in the hope that the government would redeem them at face value. Hamilton argued that even if such speculators made money, the fact that the government paid off the debts would impress European nations and convince them we would be an economically stable nation and would honor our commercial agreements.

Why didnt the government supply enough food and equipment to the continental army?

The states had the responsibility to determine how the clothing, food, and other financial aspects were to be paid for the Continental Army soldiers. These states disagreed on how the money to pay for these obligations would be obtained leaving shortages on supplies, shelter, clothing, and other necessities for the soldiers. Congress did not have the power to raise taxes to pay for them.

What does the exclusionary rule dictate?

The exclusionary rule dictates that any evidence obtained with an improperly received search warrant or evidence obtained without any search warrant would be held inadmissible in a criminal trial.

What was the aim of the Wilmot Proviso apex?

to keep slavery out of any lands obtained from mexico - apex :)))

Who was the original leader of the american settlers in Texas who obtained a huge land grant from the Mexican government?

Stephen Austin

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Who obtained Mexico's permission to bring American settlers into Texas?

The Empresarios like Stephen Austin.

Where did Hitler get permission to take Czechoslovakia?

Hitler obtained permission to go to war with Czechoslovakia in Munich, Germany via the Munich agreement. The Munich Agreement occurred in 1938.

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Usually, your agreement with the copyright holder will specify a notification (such as "used by permission") which must appear on or with the work.

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Yes she can since she has their permission. Or if she has obtained an order of emancipation from the court. Just being pregnant does not change the requirements to move out.

When you can take a document and add pictures and make it into a slide your are using?

When the document is in the public domain, or you are the rightsholder, or you have permission from the rightsholder or an exemption in the law.

How do you get married as a minor?

In most places, with parental permission. And most require the minor to be at least 16 years old. There are some exceptions, and a court order can be obtained for a 15 year old in a few places.

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yes, as long as it is discussed and permission obtained from the person who has custody of the child.

Can a minor get married with parental consent in Georgia?

{| |- | If the parents give their permission. But until they reach the age of 18, parental permission is required to get a marriage license. In some cases a court order can be obtained to get a marriage license, but that doesn't happen often. |}

What are the reasons for not doing an autopsy on the pope?

Autopsies are not prohibited but permission of the Curia must be obtained. An autopsy would only be performed if there was no obvious cause of death.