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Yes. If they are very very small, they aren't considered a dot.

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Q: Is it true the ladybug has as ten spots if it is ten years old?
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How can you tell how old a ladybug is?

All ladybug species are different..... So, it's hard to say how old they are. The rumor that you can tell how old they are by the spots on one wing, or both wings, is a myth. Unless you raise ladybugs, (as if!) you may never know how old a ladybug is. Does that answer your question?

If a lady bug has 2 spots does it mean its 2 years old?

The number of spots identifies the type of ladybug. As ladybugs age, the color of the spots fade.

If their are 7 spots on a ladybug does that mean that it is old?


What do the dots on a ladybug prove?

Most of the time the dots or spots on a ladybug prove how old the bug is.

Can you tell how old a lady bug is by it's spots?

by how many spots it if it has 192 spots it is 192 years old pie & gravy23

What is the record for the oldest ladybug?

I think it's 13!!!!! ^^ I've found one which was 16. ^^ I've found one that was 19.

What is the shape of a ladybug?

Ladybugs are either red or orange with black spots. The spots tell you how old the ladybug is. If a ladybug doesn't have any spots, you know that the ladybug hasn't turned a year old yet! Make sure you don't forget ash grey ladybugs, which have white shells and have yellow bodies. Remember, all ladybugs have black spots. This means that the ash grey ladybug has black spots!

What do spots mean on a ladybug?

When you think of a ladybug, you probably have a picture in your mind of a little beetle that is bright red with several black spots on it. That is how most people picture ladybugs and these are the most well known of all of the ladybug species.Not all ladybugs have black spots on them, though, and not all ladybugs are red, either. There are many different species of ladybugs and they all look a little different in their colors and patterns. But since you, and most people, think of a ladybug as the red, spotted variety, you might wonder why ladybugs have their spots and what they mean. ladybug doesn't have ANY spotsPhoto by Dan ParsonsThe reason that entomologists think that ladybugs have such brilliant red coloring and black spots is to warn their predators that they taste really bad and that they are a little bit poisonous, too.Think about other colorful, uniquely marked insects. Bumble bees are bright yellow and black striped and can be seen coming from a mile away it seems. Not very many animals want to eat bumble bees because of their poisonous and hurtful stinger. Bumble beescan't tell predators that they will hurt them if they are eaten, but their bright colors let predators know to stay away from them

How old is Juleka from Miraculous?

Juleka Couffaine from Miraculous Ladybug is around 15-16 years old.

How old can a ladybird get?

you can tell how old a ladybird is by how many spots it has :for esample if a ladybird has 3 spots it is 3 years old

When was Hannah Taylor from the ladybug foundation born?

1196 she is 15 years old in 2012

Do male or female ladybugs have different colors to tell there sex?

female ladybugs are typically more of a reddish color and males are typically more of an orange-ish color. other ways to identify a ladybug gender is by the head markings, size, and spots.if the head markings have more white than black than it is most likely a female. also, female ladybugs tend to be larger than males. last, the spots,the bigger the spots the more likely that the ladybug is a feale.