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Unlimited government systems always do what is best for the people in the nation.

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Q: Is it true the unlimited government system always do what is best for the people in the nation?
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Is Germany an unlimited government?

Germany is an unlimited government because the people have almost no freedom

Would people in an unlimited government speak out against the government?

No, because they could be punished really bad by the unlimited government.

Is Georgia limited or and unlimited government?

limited. The people of Greece invented democracy

What is the advantages and disadvantages at the limited and unlimited government?

I don't about advantages of unlimited government Disadvantages of an Unlimited government: -People have few rights and very little freedom. -They control you. -Few choices in life Advantages of an Limited government: -Citizens rights guaranteed -People can vote for leaders. Disadvantages of an Limited government: -The government have to listen to the citizens

Similarities of limited and unlimited government?

They both are types of government, and both have a person/group of people who govern.

What are limited governments and unlimited governments?

Limited government is when the people have some sort of say in the laws created. A limited government is controlled by many people. The U.S. government has a limited government. An UNlimited government is a government ruled by one person or a small group. Often times these rulers are unfair and create unfair laws. The people don't have a say in anything.

Does Greece have limited or unlimited government?

limited. The people of Greece invented democracy

How are limited and unlimited governments different?

Limited GovernmentIn the United States, the powers of government are limited. A limited government is a constitutional government. A limited government makes sure that leaders of government do not misuse the powers they have been given. It insists that all people, including people in authority such as the president and members of the congress, obey the laws. A limited government has effective controls over the power of people in authority and protects the rights of individuals.Unlimited GovernmentAn unlimited government includes authoritarian and totalitarian governments. Under authoritarian systems, all power is concentrated in one person or a small group. People who live under an authoritarian system do not have an effective way to restrain the power of the rulers. Totalitarian governments regulate every part of the lives of individuals.An unlimited government is a non-constitutional government. An unlimited government does not have effective controls over the power of its rulers. The people in authority cannot be easily removed from office by peaceful and legal means.

Why does every nation require a government?

we need a government to help people set up policies that can help needy people and to help development of the nation.

When the people of the nation accept their government's authority the government is said to have?


What does unlimted government?

Unlimited government is when a single person or group of people has total power to rule over a geographical area.

What does community and nation share?

A nation is a community of people that shares territory and a government. Hope this helps. :)