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No, because they could be punished really bad by the unlimited government.

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Q: Would people in an unlimited government speak out against the government?
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Is Egypt unlimited or unlimited government?

limited because in order to sustain control over Egypt it must have limited government who would imagine the disasters if it was unlimited

What are the characteristics of limited government and unlimited government?

In a Unlimited Government you don't get the right to vote, and don't have the amount of freedom that limited government has. In Limited Government you dohave the right to vote, and also you would have a lot more freedom.But those are only a few examples. If you want to find more you can type it in at the top.I hope I helped you!

Is Egypt limited or unlimited governent?

limited because in order to sustain control over Egypt it must have limited government who would imagine the disasters if it was unlimited

Is communist limited or unlimited government?

No The goal of communism is no government, but to get their you would have to go through socialism where the government holds the power of the market and then over many many many years the government and economic system would cease to exist and the people would live without it

Is Haiti a limited government or a unlimited government?

Haiti is very wierd and i would never visit it ok so here is yoour anwsers that is what i think and that it is a unlimited government i think

Why did the people have been against a more powerful national government?

they though more gain would gain on freedom

How could a person seek judgment against the government?

A person could seek a judgement against the government in the same fashion they would see judgement against anyone else. A file would be made against the government or government faction and be taken up in a court of law.

Is aristocracy limited or unlimited?

Limited Government:A limited government is one that is restricted to specific functions; in the case of the United States of America, those would be the functions outlined in the Constitution.Unlimited Government:An unlimited government is a government that has one dictator that makes up all the laws and the citizens have no power over the dictator.

What happens to people in north Korea if they speak out against the government?

You either get executed or send to a labor camp. no one is allowed to speak against the government.

Why did the US want a limited government?

Well,lets see. Unlimited government is where you can practically do what ever you want. AND that president can to. Limited: Rules. Okay so think of all the laws today. think of them vanishing. and everyone doing whatever. Car wrecks. Robberys. and other thinks would happen. See now, would YOU want unlimited government?

Why doesn't the government stop fraternities?

It would be against the US Constitution to prevent people from gathering peaceably. Once they start breaking the law, the government can bring in criminal charges.

What did the whiskey rebellion prove to the world?

It proved the US Government would use violence against its own people to get them to follow the rules.