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Life in America would be very chaotic if the government could not make people obey the laws. Since people would not obey people of authority, they would do whatever they wanted and there would be no order anywhere.

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Q: What would it be like in America if the government could not make people obey the laws?
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Would people in an unlimited government speak out against the government?

No, because they could be punished really bad by the unlimited government.

What laws would you pass to make people more equal in America?

The government have to make laws that are equal.

Why did the founding fathers want people to be judged by a jury of peers rather than the government?

It was the Founding Father's desire to have a government that was limited in power. If the government was able to judge the people, then the government would have a unchecked power. The government would be able to condemn, or aquit, anyone, regardless of whether it was right or not. The Founding Father's probably thought that a group of men, judging an individual, would hold each other acountable more so than the government alone, as the government by itself could be biased.

Why would many people who opposed the constitution argue for a bill of rights?

People that opposed the US Constitution argued in favor of the Bill of Rights. They felt the constitution itself would give all powers to the government officials and jeopardize the freedoms of the people. The Bill of Rights laid clear understanding that these rights and freedoms of the people could not be violated regardless of the actions of the government officials.

Why would it be difficult for ordinary people to be effective in governing the Nation?

I don't know who you think the people are who go into government and who take part in the political system are, but they are "ordinary " people. The only difference between them and anyone else is they have chosen to work in government. Anyone of us could do it.

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When would the government be allowed to limit what people say?

The government would be allowed to limit what people say when it actively hurts another group of people For example, the government could limit speech that incites rioting.

Would people in an unlimited government speak out against the government?

No, because they could be punished really bad by the unlimited government.

What would happen if you did not respect rights?

Many bad things. The US government could tell you which religion to have. The government could censor newspapers. This would mean that the government could abuse its people and hide it much easier. You couldn't protest the government at all. If you said something the government didn't like, they could punish you.

What laws would you pass to make people more equal in America?

The government have to make laws that are equal.

What countries are ruled by the people?

If "the people" is taken to mean the general populace, then it would be democracy. Otherwise, government ruled by "the" people could be any of various oligarchies.

How could the government guarantee there would be no more slavery?

they could guarantee there would be no more slavery by the new law the government made:)

Why are You allowed guns in US?

Because it is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!! Guaranteed by our Second Amendment!!! <><><> I would have to ask- Why not? Is the average person distrusted to such as degree that they should be denied the right to have a gun? These would be the same people sitting as members of a jury to try you for a crime- if you would trust them with your fate in court, would you not trust them with a gun? America was founded by free people, that established a government OF the people. It is not the government that has rights, it is the people.

What are some things that the Vietnam government does for its people?

What a usual government would do for its people.

How can the government persuade people to save energy?

they could tell them they would die with out it because we need most of the stuff it provides

Who are the people who help the vice president and the president run America?

"The people" you are referring to would be the Federal Government, which is comprised of 1.8 million civilians, that number goes up even higher if you include the numbers of military members, which can also be considered to help 'run' America. Further, as is stated in our founding document, a Government derives its power from the people; so in a way, every American helps run America in some way.

What actions show that Australia's government is concerned about its citizens?

No Government, Australia or otherwise is really concerned about its citizens. Though it may show a token concern by giving the citizens enough to keep them happy. Its main aim is to keep the people ignorant, giving enough out to keep the people reasonably happy. An ignorant people are a happy people, what they do not know will not hurt them. No government is truly for the people, if they were the country would not be in debt, farmers could grow what they wished to grow. Tariffs of incoming goods would be the same as tariffs going out. They would not align themselves with other countries. Everyone would have a job. Taxes would be fare. Government would be small and inexpensive. They would not take upon themselves more power than the people could give them, ad infinitum. The present Government of Australia is like a reconditioned broom, it is sweeping clean but its bristles will soon wear out.

What role do people play in Japanese government?

People play every role in Japanese government. Without people, there would be no government.