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The government have to make laws that are equal.

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Q: What laws would you pass to make people more equal in America?
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What would it be like in America if the government could not make people obey the laws?

Life in America would be very chaotic if the government could not make people obey the laws. Since people would not obey people of authority, they would do whatever they wanted and there would be no order anywhere.

Was everyone equal before the law?

Yes, before there was laws (Government), technically people were equal because there was no laws to say otherwise.

Are jim crow laws the same as separate but equal laws?

no they are not equal laws

Was the purpose of the twelve tables?

The purpose of the Laws of Twelve Tables were so that the plebians(the common people) would stop rioting and feel more equal to the patricians(the wealthy people).

What kinds of people were restricted from immigrating to America based on a series of laws?


What are some of America reiligous laws?

Freedom of religion for everyone in America. People have the right to worship God and choose what religion they want to in America.

What do you think the government in America would be like without written laws?


What were the laws of America?

The laws were in the constittution

What did the bill of right do for America?

it protected our right of people

What called for just and equal laws at Plymouth?

The puritans, so burn get it right the first time people.

What is reason people were against the equal rights amendment?

They felt that women's rights were protected by other laws

What was the stated purpose of the Mayflower Compact?

that the government would make "just and equal laws" for the good of the community