Is overrules a word

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is overrules a word
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What is the answer to a rebus puzzle with the words rule rule at the bottom of the box?

overrules, or maybe nothing overrules.

If a judge an objection action in the courtroom continues?


How can you say Voldemort overrules the death eaters?


FMLA in conjuction with STD Illinois law?

FMLA is federal law and overrules Illinois standard law.

How does a US president veto a bill?

a president simply rejects it officially or the congress overrules it by a majority vote

Plaintiffs motion overrules motion for relief?

Not enough information contained in question.. Plaintiffs motion for WHAT? Motion for relief of WHAT?

What does it means when a judge Overrules an objection?

It means when the lawyers object to what the lawyers on the opposite side are saying, and the judge doesn't agree to the objection, then he overrules it.

Who does Athena love?

she is very fond of Odysseus, but she was an virgin, so she does not particularly love any of them, reason overrules every time. (to her)

If a judge agrees with an objection what does he say?

Sustained correct answer is overrules :)

How is the number of member of the senate determined?

The number of the members in the senate is 9. So that if they have to vote, it will always be 5 to 4. Not 5 to 5. So that one party overrules. :] Hope that helped.

Which case classified that the Constitution overrides all other laws?

The Constitution is considered to be the Supreme Law of the land. This is because the US Constitution overrules all other laws at all levels throughout the country.

What can you do when a wife overrules husband?

You could just not let it happen. Neither partner should over rule the other, and if she is doing that then just ignore her. People should not treat one another like that, especially husband and wife.