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No, but it will surely make people think strangely of you.


Yes and no. However, I do it myself. If you do it, you could get addicted. It can cause nose bleeds and lead to being secretive. It may not be bad because if you eat your snot, it will go to your stomach and join the rest of the mucous on your stomach wall. Nose picking addictions are fairly common in toddlers, but if you get older, you're making a spectacle of yourself.

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Very probably ! Apart from being a disgusting habit - the nostrils are essentially a 'trap' to stop dust, pollen etc getting into the lungs. If you eat what's accumulated up there - you're transferring possibly harmful bacteria and other matter directly into your body !

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Q: Is picking your nose and eating it bad for you?
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Is picking your nose and eating it yummy?


How do chimps get its food?

by picking their nose and then eating it.

Is picking your bad for you?

Picking your nose can make your nostrils red and sore if frequent picking is occurring. If you keep picking your nose, the inside of the nasal passage may become irritated, raw, and can cause bleeding of the nose. Once in a while is okay, but frequent picking can lead to a raw, and sometimes bloody nose.

What bad habit is also known as rhinotillexis?

Picking your nose

Are boogers bad for you?

Boogers are usually harmless and just a mixture of mucus, dirt, bacteria, and other particles. However, excessive nose-picking can lead to nosebleeds, infections, or irritation of the nasal passages. It's best to avoid eating them as it can introduce bacteria into your system.

How do you stop kids from picking there nose and eating it?

tell him to stop and lock him in the closet!

Bad habits of human beings?

* Picking your nose. * Scratching your backside. * Biting your fingernails.

What is a bad habit a little kid would have?

Picking nose,Chewing nails,Lying,Swearing,

Can you kill someone if they are picking there nose and eating it in front of you?

You can ask them to stop, but under no circumstances should you ever kill someone.

What are bad habits of a person?

1. lying.2. picking your nose.3. BITING YOUR NAILSTHOSE ARE THE HABITS

What is the term for picking your nose?

nose picking is called rhinotillexomania when compulsive, and rhinotillexis for standard cases. (etymology: Greek, rhino "nose" + tillexis "habit of picking" + mania).

Another word for picking your nose?

nose mining