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Politics is practiced in polity. The term polis stands for citizenship or a body of citizens. the term polity stands for a state that works with the government.

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Q: Is politics praticed in a polis or a polity?
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What modern words have the root word polis?

Metropolis, politics for polis.

Polis of Athens?

The polis of Athens means the politics of Athens (city of Greece). Polis is the root word of politics. Polis is the Greek word for "city" or "city-state". The Polis of Athens would be the city of Athens. The word is a part of modern English words such as "metropolis".

What English words are derived from the word polis?

politics, policy, politican

What is Politics is from the root of?

If you're asking what the root of the word 'politics' is, then it's from the Greek 'polis', which meant 'city-state'

What was each Greek city state known as?

The Greek word is polis, from which we derive today such words as politics, political, politicians etc.

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V. Karuppaiyan has written: 'Kinship and polity' -- subject(s): Kallans, Kinship, Politics and government, Social conditions

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