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Seditious speech is the most hated type of speech. Yet the US Constitution does provide for the protection of seditious speech if it is not found to harmful or disruptive to the rights and freedoms of others.

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Q: Is seditious speech protected by the constitution?
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When has the US Supreme Court upheld laws against seditious speech?

Seditious speech is that which is anti-government and is treasonous. The Constitution protects free speech no matter the subject, unless the speech is meant to incite violence or overthrow of the government.

What is the only business protected by the US Constitution?

The only businesses protected by the US Constitution are religion and free speech.

Is free speech and religion protected in the constitution?


Which type of speech is not protected by the first amendment?


Seditious speech is speech that urges others to overthrow what?

The government

Use seditious in a sentence?

"He was arrested after making a speech that the government considered to be seditious.""Seditious" means: "speech or behaviour directed against the peace of the state," or conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state."

What Two types of speech protected by the constitution?

Both oral and written.

What does seditious speech target?

talk of overthrowing the government

Is hate speech protected under the First Amendment?

All speech is protected under the first amendment. However racial segregation or profiling is banned by the constitution.

Speech urging resistance to lawful authority or advocating the overthrow of the government?

Seditious speech

What is the significance of seditious speech?

Speech that has an obvious and immediate danger of creating unrest or violence

Seditious speech is speech that urges others to?

Answer 1: Overthrow the government.