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The only businesses protected by the US Constitution are religion and free speech.

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Q: What is the only business protected by the US Constitution?
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Are Newspaper writers' opinions protected by the Second Amendment to the Constitution?

Only in the US.

What is the most protected by the US Constitution common good or individual rights?

Individual rights are protected by the US Constitution.

Do you have to be a us citizen to be protected by the constitution?

No both citizens and non citizens are protected

Which of the following regarding the commerce clause of the us constitution is true?

The Commerce Clause can apply to a business that only does business in one state.

How were the states to be protected under the us constitution?

The Constitution made the states were free and that people had a choice in what happens in the country.

If a state is outside the US what does that mean?

Once a state of the Union you are protected by the Constitution

Why are protected rights and representative government important principles?

Both became important parts of the US Constitution

Is there a similar freedom or right protected in the us constitution and the bill of rights?

The bill of rights are the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. There were added because the Constitution did not contain them explicitly.

The right for a citizen to bear arms is protected under which amendment?

The second amendment of the US Constitution.

What is the difference between the US Constitution and the Washington State Constitution?

the us constitution goes across the hole us wile Washington constitution is only

The freedoms you are given in the US Constitution help promote business today?

The freedoms we are given in the US Constitution help promote business today.

The addition of a Bill of Rights to the US Constitution meant that?

a list of individual rights would be protected by law