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the US Constitution goes across the hole us wile Washington constitution is only

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Q: What is the difference between the US Constitution and the Washington State Constitution?
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How do you remember the difference between University of Washington and Washington State University?

the Washington State University is under government and University of Washington is private.

Why didn't Washington state and Oregon state sign the constitution?

washington and oregon were not states yet.

What is the time difference between Washington State and Utah?

Washington State is in the Pacific Time Zone, while Utah is in the Mountain Time Zone. Utah is one hour ahead of Washington State.

What is the difference between principles and state policy in the Philippine constitution?

The Principles of the Philippine Constitution refers to the basic generalization that is accepted as true. The State Policy in the Philippine constitution refers to the plan of action that is adopted by the government of the Philippines.

What is the difference between the US constitution and other constitutions?

i think it brings the people of the united state the permission to vote

Did George Washington assist in writing the constitution of the united state?


When it's 2pm in washington state its what time in new york city?

It is 5 pm. There is a 3 hour difference between Washington State and New York.

What is the difference between the U.S. Constitution and the Utah Constitution?

The United States Constitution applies to every state in the country. It is the framework for the federal government and embodies the fundamental laws and principles of the United States. It is the supreme law of the land.The Utah Constitution is the set of fundamental principles by which the State of Utah is governed. The Utah Constitution applies to the State of Utah only.

What is the difference between robbery inv and robbery 1 in Washington state?

Inv basically means that it is still being investigated.

If Washington D.C. is not a state is it still subjected to the laws of the US Constitution?

Of course it is, Washington DC is the capital of the US. It is subject to the same constitution as the country it represents.

The difference between the state of Illinois Constitution and the US Constitution?

One is longer------NEW ANSWER BELOW----US Constitution has seven articles; Illinois has fourteenBill of Rights are located at the end of US Constitution; Bill of Rights located at the start for Illinois Constitution

What is the difference between Washington D.C. and Washington the State north of Oregon?

Washington D.C. is the nick name for The District of Columbia, Washington State is the northwestern most state in the continental US. The irony is that originally when Washington applied for statehood, they wanted to call it Columbia, but it was turned down because lawmakers thought it would be confused with The District of Columbia.