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No spitting in somones face is not a southern thing i am from Ohio and i have done it before and i have seen it done...

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Q: Is spitting on someone's face a southern thing?
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It cannot be written down as there is no alphabet character for spitting in someones face

Is it illegal in mass to spit in someone's face?

I believe that in most places, spitting in someones face is considered assault, which is very illegal, yes.

Does spitting in someones face spread germs?

Yes it does because there are alot of germs in your body. Spitting in someones face does spread alot of germs. If you do spit in someone's face, it spreads about 25 billion germs to that person. It also could get someone very sick. So I suggest not spitting in someone's face.

When is pulling someones face off okay?

Pulling someones face off usually is not okay, but if you get very angry, and you hate that person, then it is okay to pull off their face. If you are gay, then pull off someones face automatically.

What does it take to charge a person for spitting on face?

Spitting in someone's face would amount to "Simple Assault" in most (all?) jurisdictions I am aware of. ALSO: If the person doing the spitting is has been diagnosed with AIDS, the charge can be upgraded to a felony offense.

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What charge is for spitting to girlfriend face?

It would be an assault and battery. It will probably be a misdemeanor.