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just the face

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Q: Does a Roman mask cover the head or just the face?
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Can a Muslim woman wearing a full head cover get a passport?

Yes, she can. She uncovers her face just for the passport photos. It is to be emphasized that covering face and hands is not religious requirements. It is rather a country practice or tradition.

What do muslims wear on their head?

Muslim women wear, per religion, hijab (or scarf or headdress) covering head, hair, and neck but not covering face or hands. Muslim men are not required, per religion, to cover their heads unless traditionally they cover it. There is no particular head dress prescribed in Islam for men. It mostly depends on the cultural traditions and weather conditions of the area where a Muslim man lives. He may cover his head with a turban, hat, scarf, handkerchief etc.

What practices and traits does shi'its Islam share with roman catholics?

Muslims are all followers of Islam, and there are many different kinds of Muslims that believe &/or follow different beliefs and followers. In comparison with the roman catholics both use a head covering to cover all but the face. Also both religions have 5 prayers a day, and fasting just to give a few.

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