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I imagine it's proofs of delivery similar to how it's attorneys general

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The former, because proof is both singular and plural - that cannot be said of 'delivery'.

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Q: Is the correct term proof of deliveries or proofs of delivery?
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What is the correct phrase sufficient proofs or sufficient proof?

The correct phrase is "sufficient proof".

How old do you need to be to receive deliveries?

Deliveries of WHAT? Inasmuch as minors are legally incapable of entering into contracts one might assume they are equally incapable of being legally responsible for accepting delivery and receipt the delivery of shipments requiring signatures.HOWEVER - IN REALITY - many shipping companies will probably accept a minors signature as proof that their delivery was made to someone at the receiving location.This is, of course, at the discretion of the company delivering the shipment and may not necessarily be codified in law.

What is the plural form of proof of payment?

Evidence does not have a plural form, as it is an uncountable noun. It is like information, or furniture, or even news, which, in spite of the final -s is always singular. So, you can have "a piece of evidence", or "pieces of evidence", but not "evidences".

What is it plural form of proof?

jewish priests

What is the plural possessive form of proof?

The noun 'proof' is an uncountable noun except as a word for a printing proof or a photographic proof.The plural form of the noun 'proof' is proofs.The plural possessive form is proofs'.Example: the proofs' printout is eight pages.

What is the importance of incoterms?

*For division of cost *For delivery and taking delivery of goods. *For transfer of risk. *For proof of delivery. *For proof of transport document.

Second type of proof in geometry is a proof by?

I am not really sure what you are asking but there are 3 types of proofs in geometry a flow proof, a 2-collumn proof, and a paragraph proof.

What are proofs of jesus' resurrection?

The empty tomb is the proof as well as easter.

What is the plural of proof?

The plural of proof may remain as proof or be proofs.Proof: There were many items of proof that pointed to his innocence in the crime.Proofs: The photographic proofs will be ready in two hours.

Why delivery note is made in triplicate?

it can be used as a proof of delivery

Proof of the scientific theories on the origin of the Philippine islands?

proofs on earthquake activity theory

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