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Q: Is the leader of the minority called the whip?
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Who fills in for the minority leader when he or she is absent?

Minorty Whip

How the House of Representatives is organized starting with vice president?

The Vice President is not a part of the House of Representatives. The Vice President is Chairman of the Senate. The leader of the House of Representatives is called the Speaker of the House. He is the most prominent member of the majority party. Beneath him is the Whip Majority Leader, or the Representative who presides over the House's meetings in the Speaker's absence. The minority party also has a leader and whip leader; by tradition, these would instantly become the Speaker and Whip Majority Leader if, in the next election, the minority party became the majority.

What are the top two partisan positions in the house?

The top two positions in the House are actually a top four position. Those positions consist of the Majority Leader and the Majority Whip, the Minority Leader and the Minority Whip. Each is consistent with the relative party that is in control of the house.

What is the structure of congress?

House Leadership: Majority Party Speaker of the House Majority Leader Assistant Majority Leader Majority Whip Minority Party Minority Leader Assistant Minority Leader Minority Whip Senate Leadership President of the Senate is the Vice President of U.S. President Pro Tempore--Senator of the Majority Party with Seniority Majority Leadership Senate Majority Leader Assistant Senate Majority Leader Senate Majority Whip Minority Leadership Senate Minority Leader Assistant Senate Minority Leader Senate Minority Whip

The top official of each of the two major parties is called the?

The top official for each of the two major parties are called majority leader and minority leader. Which ever party has the most members in the house calls their top official the majority leader and the other party leader is then called the minority leader.

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Is the leader of the minority party called the whip?


What are the titles of the leadership of Congress?

Congressional leadership is a follows: House of Representative: Speaker of the House Majority Leader Minority Leader Majority Whip Minority Whip Senate: President of the Senate (vice president of the U. S.) Majority Leader Minority Leader President pro tempore of the Senate Assistant Majority Leader (Majority Whip) Assistant Minority Leader (Minority Whip)

The leader of the minority party is called the whip?


What are assistants to majority and minority leaders called?

The assistants to the party leader in a house of Congress is called the "whip." They organize and monitor the activities of the party members, usually at the direction of the Party Leader.

Which position is higher minority leader or minority whip?

The 'Minority Leader' is just that - the leader. The 'Minority Whip' is the 2nd in command or assistant Minority Leader if you will. This is also the case for the majority party leaders as well. This order holds true for both the House and Senate.

Who is the leader of the minority party of the lower house?

minority whip

Who fills in for the minority leader when he or she is absent?

Minorty Whip

Who will be the new Minority Leader and Minority Whip in the House of Representatives?

House Democrats have elected Nancy Pelosi as Minority Leader and Steny Hoyer as Minority Whip for the 112th Congress (2011-2012, give or take a few days).

Who are officer of the Senate?

President of the Senate. (Vice President) President Pro Tempore Majority Leader Assistant Majority Leader (Majority Whip) Minority Leader Aissitant Minority Leader (Minority Whip) comment from cm512:::: i asked this question back wen i was a sophomore in high school... in 2011

What position did Nancy Pelosi get in the government?

Congresswoman, House Minority Whip, House Minority Leader, and Speaker of the House.

Who are the current party officers of the house?

Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House Steny Hoyer is the Majority Floor Leader John Boyhner? is the Minority Floor Leader James Clyburn is the Majority Whip Erick Cantor is the Minority Whip

The leader of the minority party is called?