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To a certain extent you are right. The main responsibility of any government is the protection of life, liberty and the right to own property. aags

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Q: Is the main responsibility of government to protect citizens?
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Legislative branch's main responsibility?

to make the nation's law and to control government spending

What are the government's duties?

The main duty of government is to maintain order, provide public services, and enforce decisions that are binding on all members of society. Without a government, the basic rights of the people might not be protected. As the Declaration states, governments are instituted in order to protect the rights of all people, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Governments also protect the nation from foreign or domestic enemies. And the government protects the nation from attack from abroad or from within the nation's boundaries.

What is the main focus of the legeslative branch?

There are three main branches of government in the United States, the executive, the legislative, and the judicial branches of government. The main responsibility of the legislative branch of government is to write and pass laws.

What is first duty of a government?

The states have many responsibilities within government. They are responsible for administering decisions on roads, education, their justice system, public safety, collecting revenues, and implementing federal mandates.

What is the main purpose a government is serving?

AnswerThe main purpose of a government is to control the activities and resources of a given place. Depending on the specific government, that control can be to the benefit of its citizens or to the detriment of its citizens. Most governments fall somewhere in between. A government can be the leadership of a tribal community or the power structure of China.The most common form of controlling the activities of a people and a place is to enact and administer laws and regulations. Other activities may include (but are not limited to) administering the money; controlling both natural and produced resources; providing an armed force(s); a responsibility for the infrastructure of that place (water, roads, public facilities, etc.); some form of educational system; and providing a system and manpower to enforce its laws (which in some cases can be their armed force).Answer (restated)Any government exists to maintain an orderly society for its citizens. It does this by creating rules, laws, and legal systems to enable and regulate their interactions, and how they make use of the resources of the society.

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What is the main purpose of government according to john Locke?

To protect those natural rights that the individaul can not effectively protect in a state of nature.

What was the government responsibilities in the 8000 BC?

In 8000 BC the government's main responsibility was to protect the community and make sure they had enough food to last through the year. It was also the governments responsibility to solve any conflict that may have come up between other villages

What branch of georgia state government has as main responsibility writing of state law?

The legislature branch of Georgia state government main responsibility is writing the state law.

Who rights does the government is to protect?

In the United States, the citizens themselves, as well as the government. That is why we have a system of checks and balances between the three main branches. If a law violates civil rights, the Supreme Court can overturn it.

What was the main role of the government?

The role of government is to protect the people.

What are the main responsibilities of the Texas State government?

To provide its citizens a free and independent state, and to protect their rights under both the US and State constitutions. Paraphrasing the Texas Constitution.

Which is the main responsibility of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence?

gathering information needed to protect the country

What is the main responsibility of the office of the director of national intelligence?

Gathering information needed to protect the country.

What should be the main tast of pakistan government to do in lot of crises?

The main task of the Pakistan government is to defend it's citizens. Defending it's citizens against internal and external enemies, as well as economic pressures.

Legislative branch's main responsibility?

to make the nation's law and to control government spending

What is the main responsibility of the house and means committee?

deciding how to raise money for the federal government

What is the main responsibility of the house ways and means?

deciding how to raise money for the federal government