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The main duty of government is to maintain order, provide public services, and enforce decisions that are binding on all members of society. Without a government, the basic rights of the people might not be protected. As the Declaration states, governments are instituted in order to protect the rights of all people, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Governments also protect the nation from foreign or domestic enemies. And the government protects the nation from attack from abroad or from within the nation's boundaries.

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Governments have a stated and moral duty to secure the rights of its' citizens.

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Q: What are the government's duties?
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What is one of the main duties of the national governments?

It protects our rights

What usually sets out the powers and duties of local governments?


How do the general duties of the national government differ from those of the state governments?


What did most governments rely on for revenue prior to the twentieth century?

Tariffs, duties, and other taxes on commerce.

What are the same duties both the federal and state government do?

Both the federal and state governments are bound to enforce the laws.

Which of the following duties is reserved onl The federal government rather than state governments?

Executing foreign policy

Which of the following duties is reserved only for the federal government rather than state governments?

executing foreign policy

Governments set duties on imported goods to restrict or limit trade with other nations why?

Governments set duties on imported goods for a couple of important reasons. They want to protect their industries at home from competition with foreign goods brought in. A by-product of this policy is extra money in the importing country's coffers.

What are the duties of the state governments?

The duties of the state government is to give the citizens of the state quality life. This is through administration of infrastructure, public safety, proper health, education and so much more.

Who has the powers to lay and collect taxes duties imposts and excises?

both national and state governments

What is Section 91 and 92 of Canadas Constitution?

Those sections outline the specific duties of the Parliament and the Provincial governments in creating and enforcing law

What were the duties of the satraps of the Persian government?

Provincial government: maintenance of peace and collection of taxes. They left the local city and tribal governments to continue to administer their areas.