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Yes and no.........................l.o.l.!

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Q: Is the pledge of allegaince a ritual?
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What country did Gavrilo Princip clain allegaince to?

Servia, or Serbia as it was spelled later.

What does the pledge of allegiance of America mean to people?

The pledge of allegiance to the flag means different things to different people. To some it is quite meaningful and patriotic. To others it is useless. It generally serves as a ritual to begin an activity or school day. It is a break, time for a meeting, activity, school, class, etc, to start.

What is a charitable pledge?

its a pledge

What is the Australian pledge?

There is no Australian pledge.

What is Ecuador pledge?

The pledge of ecuador?

What ritual is relinquished?

It is a spellcaster ritual monster which can be ritual summoned with the ritual spell card "black illusion ritual"

Sigma gamma rho pledge?

Sigma Gamma Rho's pledge is a sacred pledge that will not be publicized to the public. Only members have access to the pledge.

What is the name of the pledge of US?

The Pledge of Allegiance.

Should you say a club pledge before the pledge of allegiance?

I say Pledge of allegiance first

How can you use Pledge in a sentence?

I used Pledge to dust my cabinets. or I will pledge my allegiance to the United States.

Is a drink a pledge?

No. Though a pledge can be 'sealed' with a drink, much the same as you 'seal' a pledge with a handshake.

Why did the Australian pledge change in 1994?

It didn't. There is no Australian pledge, and there has never been an Australian pledge.