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A strawman is a legal fiction. It is not a real person, but a fake entity used in some real estate transactions.

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Q: Is there such a thing as a STRAWMAN?
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Does the strawman thing really work?

No, it is a complete fallacy. It is false in the entirety.

What is the meaning of a strawman strategy?

There is a man, There is a straw. Get it ?

What is a strawman diagram?

the one the gov gets money for

Once and for all is there such a thing as a straw-man and sovereignty and is there any real validated info on the subject?

The strawman is simply a non-sovereign that can easily be changed by granting sovereignty to him or her by an Exchangor/Grantor of a pure trust.

How does a felon get a firearm illegally?

Theft, black market purchases, strawman purchases.

What is straw man rhetorical device?

strawman- this reporter is taking abortion and makingmore of an issue with it.

What actors and actresses appeared in Strawman - 2011?

The cast of Strawman - 2011 includes: Jennifer Bigham as Becky Branton Ellerbee as Ian Juli Erickson as Woman on Park Bench Desiree Medellin as Yoga Girl Heather Sims as Olivia

What would strawman mean for someone going to court facing prison time?

As I understand it, a strawman is like the "front" guy for the illegal activities of another. He takes the wrap and can end up doing time for charges that should be made against the actual perp.

What is a strawman poll?

It's a vote taken outside a sanctioned meeting or voting occasion, and it's prohibited by Robert's Rules of Order.

What is a Strawman?

1) A weak or sham argument set up to be easily refuted.2) An effigy in the shape of a man to frighten birds away from seeds.

In order for strawman to receive 100000000 dollars he must have been incarcerated and fill the proper forms to receive the 100000000 dollars where do i start so i can receive the 1 hundred million?

The Strawman is a fictitious person, in order to file for 1 hundred million dollars, under your name, birth certificate and social security card request information through the UCC in you area.

What does a strawman argument mean?

A strawman argument is when someone misrepresents or exaggerates another person's position or argument in order to make it easier to attack or dismiss. This technique is often used in debates to create a false impression of the opponent's stance.