What is a Strawman?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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1) A weak or sham argument set up to be easily refuted.

2) An effigy in the shape of a man to frighten birds away from seeds.

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Q: What is a Strawman?
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Is there such a thing as a STRAWMAN?

A strawman is a legal fiction. It is not a real person, but a fake entity used in some real estate transactions.

What do liberals believe government should be?

Government, according to modern Liberals, should redistribute the assets of the wealthy to support the majority. They are as those who wanted more eggs from the golden goose and opened it up thus killing the source. Liberalism is couched in good feelings and generosity with the assets of others.Government should regulate and provide for all aspects of human life from the cradle to the grave. Government should decide who lives and who dies and when. Government should prevent individuals from owning property and goods. Everything should be owned by the government. No one should be permitted to enjoy the fruit of his labors because he would have more than others. This would be an inequality.The natural consequence of such a government will be the reduction of everyone to the same standard of living and the elimination of any personal motivation to excel in business.Everyone will be an employee of the government. No one will be free.In effect, it is a return to feudalism, where the government is the king.Nice try, but that's a strawman argument.Modern Liberals (and, I speak in world-wide terms as to what a Liberal is, not the mutant distorted view of a Liberal that seems to have taken hold in the U.S.A.) generally believe in these fundamental concepts:Capitalism is the proper form of economic theoryHowever, Capitalism has significant failings when attempting to build a societyTo fix failings of the Capitalist economic theory in society, ideas from Socialism can be applied.This fusion of Capitalist economic ideas with Socialist social society ideas is the primary definition of a modern Liberal.Practically speaking, this means that a Liberal espouses many (though likely not all) of the following ideals:As it is impossible for each citizen to start out life on a truly even level, societal justice (harmony, happiness, etc.) demand that society manage some level of wealth redistribution, where the more fortunate subsidize those less able to provide for themselves.It is the responsibility of society (in the guise of government) to provide a minimum standard of living to all citizens. This may or may not include items such a public heathcare, housing provisions, retirement funds, etc.Those who have more than others should be expected to proportionally contribute more to society as a whole. This does NOT mean that everyone should have the same level of income or wealth. It is most evident in having a Progressive tax system (where the percentage of taxation increases with income)Government should help protect citizens from events beyond their (reasonable) control - that is, provide a social "safety net" to cushion the blows that chance may deal out. Examples of this would be Disaster Relief programs, Job Retraining, Unemployment Insurance.Individuals should be rewarded for industriousness and therefore be able to benefit from the fruits of their labors, though government may chose to restrict certain economic activities as harmful to the society as a whole (even though certain individuals might benefit greatly).Government is responsible for managing the country's resources in a manner most beneficial to society as a whole and for the long-term, and should have the power to regulate private use of common shared resources.Justice (in the legal systems) should not be dependent on wealth or stationJustice should be about the Spirit of the law, and take into account all circumstances surrounding the crime, both positive and negative, and should be applied as evenly as possible.As Justice is imperfect, and as capital punishment is an irreversible act, the state should not be permitted to commit an irreversible act on imperfect evidence. Therefore, capital punishment is immoral and impermissible.As future generations are important, and the family unit provides considerable social stability and other benefits, families should be supported and encouraged. This may include items such as paid family leave, subsidies for having children (including tax breaks), free daycare, etc.Any specific Religion should have no role in defining societal morals. In particular, moral behavior is an individual's right to determine for themselves, so long as it does not impinge on another's right to determine their own morals. Legality and morality (or, ethics vs morals) are distinct. Most specifically, government should NEVER be in the business of defining morality.Religion should not have any influence in government, other than informing an individual's choice of morality.Certain industries or services are inherently a "natural monopoly", and as such, should either be heavily regulated or government-owned so as to provide the best societal benefit (not the maximum profit). For example: power distribution, roadways, water supplies, etc.There are plenty of other examples, but the main thrust behind Liberalism is twofold: societal justice and harmony through some level of weath redistribution to soften the problems that random chance has on the society, and individual choice in determining their own personal behavior so long as that behavior does not significantly impact social justice and harmony.

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Is there such a thing as a STRAWMAN?

A strawman is a legal fiction. It is not a real person, but a fake entity used in some real estate transactions.

What is the meaning of a strawman strategy?

There is a man, There is a straw. Get it ?

What is a strawman diagram?

the one the gov gets money for

Does the strawman thing really work?

No, it is a complete fallacy. It is false in the entirety.

How does a felon get a firearm illegally?

Theft, black market purchases, strawman purchases.

What is straw man rhetorical device?

strawman- this reporter is taking abortion and makingmore of an issue with it.

What actors and actresses appeared in Strawman - 2011?

The cast of Strawman - 2011 includes: Jennifer Bigham as Becky Branton Ellerbee as Ian Juli Erickson as Woman on Park Bench Desiree Medellin as Yoga Girl Heather Sims as Olivia

What would strawman mean for someone going to court facing prison time?

As I understand it, a strawman is like the "front" guy for the illegal activities of another. He takes the wrap and can end up doing time for charges that should be made against the actual perp.

What is a strawman poll?

It's a vote taken outside a sanctioned meeting or voting occasion, and it's prohibited by Robert's Rules of Order.

In order for strawman to receive 100000000 dollars he must have been incarcerated and fill the proper forms to receive the 100000000 dollars where do i start so i can receive the 1 hundred million?

The Strawman is a fictitious person, in order to file for 1 hundred million dollars, under your name, birth certificate and social security card request information through the UCC in you area.

What does a strawman argument mean?

A strawman argument is when someone misrepresents or exaggerates another person's position or argument in order to make it easier to attack or dismiss. This technique is often used in debates to create a false impression of the opponent's stance.

How does the man work?

But what if we refused to continue playing the charade, and played the commerce game instead? What if we learned how to control the flow and movement of entries, figures and digits, for our own benefit? Is that possible? And if so, how? How can the real man in the real world, function in the fictional world in which the commerce game exists? When in commerce do as commerce does - use the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The UCC-1 Financing Statement is the one contract in the world that CANNOT be broken. The power of this document is awesome. Since the TDA exists for the STRAWMAN - who, until now, has been controlled by the government - WE can gain control and ownership of the STRAWMAN by first activating the TDA and then filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement. This does two things for us. First, by activating the TDA we gain limited control over the funds in the account. This allows us to also move entries, figures and digits ... for OUR benefit. Secondly, by properly filing a UCC-1 Financing Statement we become the "holder in due course" of the STRAWMAN. A filed UCC-1 is public notice of a registered lien by a real human being who is the secured party, upon the STRAWMAN, the government-created, foreign non- registered corporation. With the STRAWMAN under our control, government has no access to the TDA and they also lose their go- between, their liaison, their connection to the real, living man and woman. No longer a subject, you become a free sovereign once again. You declare your independence! You don't have liability for your STRAWMAN. If you do commercial assignments, you have an asset called a Bill of Exchange which you can spend out. The birth certificate represents the body. The SSN represents the commercial account. Behind every birth certificate is a $1,000,000 bond which is pre-paid financing on any activity of the STRAWMAN. Some people have used their TDA to pay off their home or commercial mortgage, bank or student loans, tax liens, or credit card debt.. When you own your STRAWMAN and anyone else charges against HIM, then that is commercial trespassing. If anyone goes after your STRAWMAN and wins any monetary award against the fiction of your STRAWMAN, then you (the real person/ secured party) get the first $1,000,000 of that because you have the first lien. In addition to your own freedom reclaimed, you will remove your collateral and participation from the frauds, manipulations, and extortion that have been perpetrated in your name. When enough people have reclaimed their birthright, we can also reclaim our constitutional republic that was intended to serve us in protecting our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.