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Responsibilities of

Junior Executive - F&A

  1. All types of Vouchers Checking.

(Bank & Cash Payment vouchers, Contra Vouchers, Journal Vouchers, Purchase voucher, Debit & credit vouchers etc,)

  1. All type of expenditure bills checking.
  2. Bank & Cash Reconciliation.
  3. Creditors Account Statement Reconciliation.
  4. Preparing monthly Job workers work billing reports.
  5. Monthly VAT returns preparation and sending to HO.
  6. Salaries & Non-Salaries TDS deduction.
  7. Yearly TDS Reconciliation.
  8. Monthly hire charge bills preparation and TDS deduction.
  9. Monthly MIS reports preparation.
  10. Training of new accounting employees on various duties.
  11. Working closely with my colleagues to ensure that duties run smoothly.
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Q: Key responsibilities of a junior executive?
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