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Learning without thought is a labor lost thought without learning is intellectual death by Confucius. This is one of the great read.

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Q: Learning without thought is a labor lost Thought without learning is intellectual death by Confucius?
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Thought without learning is intellectual death?

"Thought without learning is intellectual death" is a quote from Confucius. It is actually a truncated version of a longer quote, which reads: "Learning without thought is labor lost. Thought without learning is intellectual death."

Learning without thought is a snare thought without learning is a danger?

Many people believe that learning without thought is a snare and thought without learning is a danger. This is very true.

Learning without thought is a snare thought without learning is danger.?


What does learning without thought is useless thought without learning is dangerous mean?

Obvisously, learning without thought is when you would learn but have no desire to remember the information taught. And that means thought without learning is dangerous because you ARE thinking about something probably off topic, but not learning anything. :)

What are the four main theories of Confucius' thought?

The four main theories of Confucius were an are truthfulness loyalty learning and moderation in drinking and eating. Confucius is a China's most famous teacher, philosopher, and political theorist whose ideas have influenced the civilization of east Asia.

What do you mean by learning with out though is a labor lost?

"Learning without thought is a labor lost" means you are just wasting time memorizing unless you understand what you are learning.

Why did the intellectual and artistic rebirth of the Renaissance began in Florence Italy?

The Renaissance period is generally thought of as a time of rebirth of literature, art, music, and learning. It was brought on by a number of cultural and artistic achievements.

Why there is emphasis of self assessment?

Self-assessment is one of the highest forms of intellectual thought. It allows a person to assess what they know without formal testing resulting in saving money and quicker learning.

What causes learning disorders?

Learning disorders are thought to be caused by neurological abnormalities that trigger impairments in the regions of the brain that control visual and language processing and attention and planning.

How do teachers equip the students using the four pillars of education?

The four pillars of education are, Learning to know, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be. Teachers should give students as many learning opportunities as possible, general education, social experiences, problem solving, abstract thought, concentration and memory skills, personal competence, technical skills, human diversity and help in the community.

What does 'learning without thought is labor lost thought without learning is perilous' mean?

'Learning, without thought, is labour lost' simply means; Rote, or repetition learning, without thinking about what you are learning is a waste of time; you can easily repeat what you've 'learned', but can't use what you've memorized, because you've not 'thought' about what it means. The second part is a trifle more complex. 'Thought, without learning, is perilous'. It's similar to 'When you listen, you learn, but, when you speak, you only repeat what you've heard.' Thinking, on its own, must ultimately be circular; you can only use the opinions you've already learned. If, however, you keep reading and listening, your thinking will become wider and wider in scope. ________________________________________________________________ In order to understand this question a person has to know information about THOUGHt, and the THINKING PROGRESS... and a dictionaryLEARNING WITHOUT THOUGHT is attempting to take in KNOWLEDGE WITHOUT using the POWER of WILL to retain the KNOWLEDGE. A person has to have a WILL in order to do LABOR. So without the use of WILL to accompany Knowledge. A person will feel the need not to retain the information. This can happen when pyschological problems arise. Thought without learning is dangerous. Without learning and thought has no direction. We have no control of our thoughts when we are not thinking but have control over it when we are thinking and trying to learn.

Is Humanism a theory of learning?

Humanism , its not like the theory of learning. We can consider it as an approach of study or a philosophical approach of study that stands over and against traditional religious modes of thought.