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The primary function of Congress is to make and pass laws. It is also tasked with conducting certain investigations, and confirming presidential appointments.

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The main Job of the legislative branch, [Congress] is to make and pass laws. My dad teaches Law and Constitution in high school, and this is what they tell us in School.

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Q: List and explain three major roles of the US Congress within the American political system?
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What does the Commission on Political reform do?

The goal of our Commission on Political Reform is to drill down deeply into the causes of the public alienation with the political process and to hear from the American people what can be done to make our political system and the operations of our Congress more relevant and more responsive to the American people.

What changes have occurred in the American political system since 1800 which have had the effect of making the system more democratic?

The American political system historically fluctuates with different political systems stepping into power.

What statement best descibes the support of congress for the American System?

Only three states supported every element of the American System.

Which amendment reflects the growth of a political party system in American politics?

The Twelfth Amendment reflects the growth of a political party system in American politics.

What is the difference between a parliamentary and presidential system and 1 example?

Parliamentary is the British political system. Presidential is the American political system.

Why is gridlock a common aspect of the American political system?

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How do democracy impact the American political system?

not at all!

What development of political parties and committee system used in congress illustrates the application?

the unwritten constitution

Some members of Congress were opposed to the American System because?

Some members of Congress were opposed to the American System because they felt that federal funds should not be used to pay for internal improvements in states.

Why did the american political system develop differently than the british political system?

britain did little to exert its authority before 1760

How are the french political parties different from the American system?


What is the separation of powers in the American political system?

by legislative or federalism