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Parliamentary is the British political system. Presidential is the American political system.

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Q: What is the difference between a parliamentary and presidential system and 1 example?
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How do parliamentary systems differ from US presidential systems?

There are many differences, here I will mention what I deem to be the most important: Presidential :1) In a Presidential System the President is both Head of State and Head of Government. Presidents under this system almost always have the most power. 2) In a Presidential System there is a (more often than not) complete separation of powers. 3)The President usually relies on a popular mandate (elections) and not the confidence of the legislature to gain and/or hold onto power. 4) Legislative terms are fixed, a legislature in a Presidential system can't be dissolved Parliamentary: 1) In a Parliamentary system there is a complete separation btwn the Head of State (Monarch or President) and the Head of Government (Prime Minister or Chancellor) . 2) In a Parliamentary system the Head of Government usually holds the most power the Head of State may hold some emergency powers and also gives laws the final approval. 3) Separation of powers are blurred in Parliamentary systems (example: The Govt of the UK is formed of members of parliament) 4) The Government must hold the confidence of the legislature to continue its mandate of governing (simply put the Prime Ministers party or coalition must hold a majority in the legislature). 5) Parliamentary systems do not have a fixed term usually only a maximum number of years, if the legislature finds no confidence of the government of the day then the legislature may be dissolved and new elections held)

Constitutional monarchy is most similar to which other system of government?

Parliamentary democracy

The presidential election of 1896 was an example of a?


What is an example of a presidential?

France The US is a democratic republic

What are examples of the presidential cabinet?

The example of this cabinet is the Government States

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What is the difference between parliamentary and presidential government?

1. In the parliamentery system the Head of Government and the Head of the country are different. For example in India the Head of the Government is Prime minister (Shri Manmohan Singh). And in the Presidential system the Head of the Government and the Head of the Country is same person. For example in United State America the Head of the Government and the Head of the Government is U.S.A's President. (Mr. Brak Obama) 2. Presidential system is depend on Separation of Power but Parliamentery system doesn't. a) In Parliamentary system the three pillars i.e the Legislature, Executive & the Judiciary are inter-dependent. Whereas in Presidential system all the three pillars work independently & thus they are not responsible to each other. b) In the parliamentary form of Govt. the Prime Minister suggests the names of Ministers to the President, who formally appoints them. The ministers have to be the members of either house; if they are not they have to get elected within period of six months. On the other hand in a Presidential system, the ministers are not the members of the legislature. The President's cabinet comprises of members who are experts. They are accountable not to legislature but to the President. c) Also there is a difference in their elections.

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what is the difference between a natural and a political boundary.Give a example of each.

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What is an example of a parliamentary government?

United Kingdom and Canada are two examples. Sources:

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What is the difference between parliamentary monarchy and absolute monarchy?

Parliamentary monarchy is a monarchy where the leader is only used as a figurehead. (only there for show, for looks, etc. while the parliament deals with all the work. Absolute monarch is where the leader is in complete control of EVERYTHING. He isn't just there for looks, he's there because he has all power and makes all decisions. The second paragraph is correct (about the Absolute Monarchy), but the first is not quite right - a parliamentary monarchy (usually referred to as a constitutional monarchy) does NOT have to have an impotent monarch. In a parliamentary monarchy, the monarch remains the Head of State, and may also retain a variable amount of Executive Branch power. Certain parliamentary monarchs have virtually no real Executive power, while others have a significant amount, including cases where the monarch is dominant over Parliament. For example, compare the governments of Great Britain, Jordan, and Monaco. All are nominally constitutional (parliamentary) monarchies, but the amount of power retained by the monarch varies widely.

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The government of great Britain is an example of what?

It is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy.

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