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I can't find a combined stat, and BLS, GAO, stats seem to be segmented, but here are a few numbers. I also can't find a reliable number for total civilian military, which means that the following number is understatedl. I'm would think that in addition to these missing numbers, there are many Millions more, that are essentially working for the public sector, but are 'contractors', and so excluded.

This would be a minimum number, of 25 Million. Almost 1 out of 10 per capita.

If using the BLS number of 155M civilian workforce, the 25M number equates to 16% ratio, or 13% of that total. Since there is no public breakdown, and civilians can be and often are employed in the public sector, and as such would be reported by BLS as part of the total available workforce, there is reason to believe that that 13% number is extremely low. If you add in the number private sector jobs directly related to Defense, and those that are NGO's, and private support companies, that ratio would be closer to 1 in 5. One of the links below, shows the costs associated with this expansion of the public sector, and it's effect on the economy, and each individual and family. (Grandfather Report).

2.7 Millon Federal Civilian (US Census 2005)

19.8 Million Local and State (Grandfather Report)

2.3 Active Duty and Reserve Military - (Wiki)

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Q: List number of us employees private sector vs public sector?
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